Riot Addressing Pesky AFK ‘League of Legends’ Players with /Remake

Riot Addressing Pesky AFK ‘League of Legends’ Players with /Remake
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Riot games announced an upcoming update to League of Legends that seeks to prevent the dreaded 4v5 lopsided matches we all know and hate. In this new system, should any player be marked as “AFK” or be disconnected from the match for at least 90 seconds, a /remake vote will take place at the three-minute mark. Should half of the remaining team approve the remake, the game will start again from scratch, as though it never happened. The AFK player will, however, received a loss on their record.

This is great news for people, like myself, who have lost pivotal promotion games because one player just never showed up for the match. Of course, this does nothing to address those players who rage quit out of a match once it’s already begun, or those that troll by intentionally getting themselves killed again and again. Baby steps, though, baby steps.

One important note for all those Diamond level players and above: If someone in your premade disconnects, prompting a /remake, you and your team will take the game as a loss. This is a targeted effort by Riot to make sure top-tier players aren’t dodging games after a poor pick-ban phase to maintain their standings.

Will this work as intended, or will high-level players with unreliable internet feel the burn of unfortunate losses? I’m on the optimistic side, but time will tell.

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