‘Resident Evil 7’ Gamescom Trailer Really Brings the Horror

The Resident Evil series just turned 20 years old, and it has gone through quite a few changes in those decades. It began by defining survival horror, then evolved into a groundbreaking third-person shooter, culminating in the blockbuster action of Resident Evil 6. But the next numbered entry in the series is going back to its horror roots while also shifting to a first-person perspective. The early gameplay was certainly scary, and the Resident Evil 7 Gamescom trailer brings even more scares. Take a look…

Though we don't get the name of the poor woman running for her life in that dilapidated house, we do know that the woman with the lantern is Marguerite Baker, another member of the terrifying Baker family we were introduced to in the E3 demo of the game. She seems a little less brutal than Jack Baker, though she also appeared more into the chase and creeping you the F out.

Unlike previous games that relied heavily on gunplay and QTEs against monstrous BOWs, this new Resident Evil 7 Gamescom footage doesn't give the player any chance in a fight, with hiding and running clearly your only chance for survival. You can feel that same lonely horror in the new crop of Resident Evil 7 images as well.

Resident Evil 7 Gamescom
Resident Evil 7 Gamescom
Resident Evil 7 Gamescom
Resident Evil 7 Gamescom

Resident Evil 7 will be hitting stores worldwide on January 24, 2017. It'll be scaring the crap out of you on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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