‘Replicas’ Has Keanu Reeves Cloning His Dead Family Members… What?!?

Drew Dietsch
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Replicas sounds like the kind of sci-fi film that brings up some interesting questions. The premise involves scientist Will Foster (Keanu Reeves) whose family dies in a car accident. After this tragedy, he does whatever he can to try and bring them back to life. And the best method available? Cloning.

The Fandom of Keanu

Before we got into the movie, everyone at New York Comic-Con got to bask in the awesomeness that is Keanu Reeves. His introduction to the stage brought the house down. And Keanu couldn’t have been more humble and appreciative of the fans.

Other than the usual great films that Keanu is associated with — The Matrix, John Wick, and the Bill & Ted movies — there was also a tremendous outpouring of love for Constantine. To which Keanu replied, “Y’all like Constantine? Yeah!” Fans even had a lot of love for his 1995 cyberpunk movie, Johnny Mnemonic.

What Would You Do for Your Loved Ones?

Director Jeffrey Nachmanoff dropped his love of Black Mirror and that definitely comes through in this trailer. There is a lot going on in terms of sci-fi ideas in Replicas, with the concept of cloning and the transference of consciousness.

And that sounds fascinating when it comes to the memories of Will’s family. “Are they really who they are when they come back?” Keanu said as he revealed that Will manipulates the memories of his family’s clones. These kind of ethical questions are always the basis of truly good science fiction stories.

Replicas looks like a solid sci-fi story that isn’t overblown by copious action and genuine character drama at its core.

There’s no release date for the film yet, but it will hit theaters sometime in 2018.

Drew Dietsch
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