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Happy New Year. and welcome back to your Week in Fandom for January 13th, 2017.

As you surely know by now, the world of fandom collectively mourned the passing of Carrie Fisher while we were away. Fisher’s death has been followed by an outpouring of love from friends, peers like Mark Hamill, and the world of fandom at large. Memorials include a fan-made star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a petition at to make Leia an official Disney princess, tons of fan art, and a tribute at the Golden Globes celebrating Fisher’s career alongside that of her mother, Debbie Reynolds, who passed away a day after her daughter.

Now, we know that Fisher did complete filming her parts for Star Wars Episode 8, including a reunion with her Jedi brother Luke, but it’s unclear how Fisher’s passing will affect the ongoing Star Wars saga. Certainly, she will be missed but never forgotten.

The rest of the Golden Globes ceremony was full of musical numbers, like this one promising Barb from Stranger Things is alive (she’s totally dead), big victories for La La Land and Atlanta, and a ton of WTF moments.

But perhaps my favorite was the “sudden smootch” between Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield. That’s right, folks: We got Deadpool kissing Spider-Man! If you look at the video, it seems like it’s Reynolds who goes in first — not surprising, since he has said he’d like to explore more of Deadpool’s pansexual side in the movies.

But don’t get your hopes up for a live-action Spidey/Deadpool bromance. The rights alone would be hell, and Garfield has already passed the red and blue jammies down to Tom Holland. Maybe this means the ongoing “Cable casting call” is about to get a whole lot sexier?

Now what’s with all the back and forth on Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie? First he’s doing it, then it’s maybe, then only if the script is good. Meanwhile, he’s releasing story details and hiring Joe Manginello as the villain (giving whole new meaning to “Death Stroke”). So what’s going on?

We know Warner Bros. is having a tough time “whipping up the excitement” for Justice League following the “meme-worthy-in-all-the-wrong-ways” Batman v Superman. I mean, have (yawn) s’cuse me, have you (yawn) — have you seen the new still? Or is that the old one? I can’t tell anymore! I mean come on, seen it, seen it, meh, seen it (unfortunately) and… you get a pass, Aquaman. If anyone deserves it, it’s you, buddy. Isn’t someone missing? That bright center of hope? This looks like a job for Superman! But he’s dead, so we get grumpy Ben instead.

I mean, c’mon, if the guy making the movie can’t get excited about it, how are we supposed to? Alright, alright! Take your Bat-time…

Speaking of things no one is excited about: Deadpool co-creator and illustrator of many pouches Rob Lyfeld recently signed a deal to bring the ’90s back — to the EXTREME — with a new cinematic universe of movies based on his line of comics, like Bloodstrike! Kaboom! And… uh, Blood…wulf!

Ugh, do we really need another cinematic universe? I mean, if Warner Bros. can’t get the Justice League to work, how the hell is anyone supposed to make Re:Gex? I’m all for the ’90s coming back if we’re talking flannel and Nirvana, but c’mon Rob: I need hands and feet!

But the Extreme cinematic universe is coming whether we asked for it or not, and according to Rob, that ’90s audience is out there… somewhere… poised and ready to strike…

Finally: The big news in games this week comes from Nintendo! First there was their “late night live stream” chock full of details about their new console, the Switch, and today with an unveiling event for press in New York. Lucky for you, Fandom’s got some boots on the ground in the Big Apple to check it out.

And that’s your Week in Fandom. As always be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @GetFandom. I’m Fiona Rene.

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