Remember ‘Baywatch’? It’s Back. In Trailer Form.

Another trailer for the 2017 film reboot of the long-running TV show, Baywatch has dropped. The ’90s action soap opera best remembered for Pamela Anderson running in a red swimsuit is getting the 21 Jump Street treatment with Seth Gordon of Horrible Bosses fame in the director’s chair.

Just like the first trailer, this one features all the hits you would expect. There's a wannabe action hero with a doofus buddy. Characters joking about the slow-mo effect when a supermodel runs down the beach. There are swimsuits. Oh, are there swimsuits.

The trailer focuses more on Efron and the Rock, the duo with the most comedy experience. They work well together if balls jokes are your thing.

The 2017 answer to David Hasselhoff is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Kelly Rohrbach fills out Pamela Anderson's swimsuit nicely as CJ Parker. Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario add even more preposterous levels of beauty to the cast with Efron essentially playing his frat boy character from Neighbors with a Ryan Lochte twist. Since Baywatch was a show the leaned heavily on sex appeal (read: beach bodies) this is a solid cast.

Explosions, Babes, and Winks

If you are looking for a serious drama, why are you here? This is Baywatch.

Baywatch was the kind of show that had an episode crossing over with WCW featuring Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. It had a spin-off called Baywatch Nights that devolved into an X-Files rip-off -- somehow. It had Playboy Bunnies in its cast. There is nothing sacred here to trample over. It's almost a perfect target for a remake.

What even is the point of satirizing a show that was already pretty much a self-parody? Well, Baywatch was always one of the dumbest things on television. It was proud to be as ridiculous as it was. The best way to bring it back is by going all out with the ridiculous. Combine Michael Bay-splosions with (even more) bro humor and you could have a big stupid time.

Baywatch is coming to theaters on May 19th, 2017 where you might find a warm spring afternoon to squeeze it into.

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