Relive Your Childhood With Klei Entertainment’s ‘Hot Lava’ Game

Graham Host

Hands up if you remember playing “The Floor is Lava as a child. If you didn’t, the aim is simple — navigate around your house without touching the lava floor. For some reason, society now frowns upon people leaping about the furniture to avoid a fiery death. And that’s where Klei Entertainment’s Hot Lava comes in.

Hot Lava is Klei Entertainment’s first step into 3D. The independent studio’s previous games were all 2D or told from an isometric perspective, such as debut title Shank, turn-based stealth game Invisible Inc, and the dark yet addicting Don’t Starve.

What is Hot Lava?

Similar to Mirror’s Edge, Hot Lava is all about speeding through your environment and leaping along boards. One sneak-peek shows the player shimmying along a pipe and another shows them sliding along “frictionless surfaces” to gain speed for “impossible jumps.”

Though there’s no word of VR support just yet, the game seems like a perfect fit for the platform. It would be the closest thing you’re going to get to those childhood fantasies coming to life.

Hot Lava will feature iconic childhood locations such as your house and school. There will also be a new rocky underworld-esque level that looks like it drops you straight into Hell.

A school level in Hot Lava

The game will start with your traditional route around the house. Once you navigate past the molten mass of the lower floors, your journey then continues to larger locations beyond the scope of your home. Ropes and wall-running show up later on, and pipes will be used to traverse sideways. In the words of Klei Entertainment “Whatever you do… don’t touch the floor.”

When Is It Coming?

Klei Entertainment has not yet announced a release date, but you can keep up-to-date with news on their official Steam page or right here at Fandom. If you can’t wait for the game’s commercial release, players can sign up for the official beta here.

Graham Host
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