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‘Red Dwarf XI’ Is Coming This September

It’s been nearly four years since we last saw the crew of the Red Dwarf in action. Lister the human, Rimmer the hologram, Kryten the robot and Cat the cat have all been floating around the outer reaches of space waiting for their next adventure. Thanks to Dave, this September will mark the return of the Dwarfers to television screens for a six-episode series run. This series will be the eleventh in the Red Dwarf legacy, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Last time we saw them, the crew had found themselves separated from the Red Dwarf while attempting to survive an onslaught by Simulant death ships. Now that Lister, Rimmer, Kryten and Cat are on their way back to the ship after surviving the assault, we can now speculate that they will have plenty to do now that they basically have the map from Time Bandits in their possession. From what the team at Dave are saying, this will be a return to the show’s golden age when the gang were in their prime.

According to newly released story details from the creative team behind the show, the Dwarfers will be finding themselves in all kinds of trouble in Series XI. Apparently, Rimmer will finally get that promotion to Officer he’s been pining for ever since he first set foot on the Red Dwarf. Lister isn’t so lucky however because supposedly he will spend an episode or two hunting down his own missing body parts. The word is that a deranged droid is going to steal a few of Lister’s limbs, so we’ll see how that pans out.

Also, everyone’s favorite Cat will apparently fall head over heels for a femme felis sapien that appears on the Red Dwarf. The female feline is allegedly going to be harboring a secret, but I don’t see how anything could compare to the mortal threat of the GELF monster that disguised itself in the classic episode Camille. To wrap up what we know so far, Kryten looks to be nearing a mid-life crisis that may see him moving on from the Red Dwarf entirely. The news that we will be seeing the next run of episodes in just a couple of months is great to hear. Time for a mango juice and a chicken vindaloo.


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