The Red-Band ‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer is Bloody Fun

Drew Dietsch

Alien: Covenant has been an exciting question mark for fans. It has a lot to answer after the mixed bag that was Prometheus. Ridley Scott’s newest dive into this world has a lot of anticipation behind it. Now, we have our first extended look at the next chapter. Check it out.

WARNING! Alien: Covenant Trailer is NSFW!

You can definitely see how Alien: Covenant is attempting to bridge the gap between Prometheus and Alien. There is a lot of familiar imagery in this trailer, right down to the shot of the alien’s tail going up some legs. A very similar image occurred when Lambert met her demise in the original film. And it looks like we’re back to old fashioned facehuggers again.

The parts of the story involving David look fascinating. The idea of Frankenstein’s monster masterminding his own creations is a cool concept to pick apart. Hopefully, that will come across in the movie more than the stock alien aspects. Granted, it’s great to see such classic monsters on the big screen again. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that there are some more surprises in store.

It’s interesting to see the incredibly refined style of Ridley Scott be applied to something so knowingly trashy, but that was also a huge reason why Alien worked in the first place. If Scott has managed to capture some of that same spirit, this could be a great time at the movies.

We’ll be exploring this trailer more in the very near future, but for now, let’s all celebrate the fact that we have another expertly crafted sci-fi horror film coming our way. And it happens to be masterminded by the person who helped define the genre. Gosh, this and Blade Runner 2049? It’s a wonderful time to be a Ridley Scott fan.

Alien: Covenant burst into theaters (see what I did there?) on May 19.

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