A Recap from Fandom’s Twitter Q&A with Ludi Lin – aka the Black Ranger!

Mike Delaney


On March 1st, Fandom hosted a Q&A session with one of the stars of the upcoming Power Rangers reboot, Ludi Lin. Lin plays Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger, in the film coming out on March 24. Fans were given the opportunity to ask the actor questions about his role in the film. What were his answers? Keep reading to find out!

Go, Go, Power Rangers!

Superheroes and regular people are pretty much the same – they want a better world

An important sentiment to live by even if you aren’t a superhero.

Ludi Lin had an important announcement for everyone!

You heard the man! Get tweeting using the hashtag #BlackRanger to support a worthy cause and change some lives! Head over to Thirst Project for more information!

On getting ready for those intense martial arts battles that Power Rangers is famous for

Looks like the Black Ranger is kicking serious butt in this film!

Ludi Lin is one of us – a superfan!

From watching Power Rangers to being a Power Ranger … Ludi Lin is living the dream!

The future of the Power Ranger franchise

Well, they have some color motifs in common …

But that wasn’t the only answer!

A Justice League/Power Rangers crossover is already in progress! Maybe allying with the Power Rangers on film can save the DC Extended Universe?

On the future of Asian superheroes in major films

At a time when the question of racial diversity in Hollywood roles is foremost in people’s minds, Ludi Lin is positive that things can change for the better.

A classic question

With a classic answer!

A massive thank you to Ludi Lin for answering the questions put to him! We here at Fandom are looking forward to watching Power Rangers on the big screen!

Follow @getfandom on Twitter for all the latest entertainment news and don’t forget to follow @ludi_lin and use the #BlackRanger hashtag to help @thirstproject! Power Rangers opens in theaters on March 24.

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