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Who Really Shot Optimus Prime?

Who really shot Optimus Prime? Officially: He battled his greatest foe and died in battle. However the truth real truth is more than meets the eye.

It was the year 2005, the darkest year in Transformers history. It was the day that Optimus Prime died. Official accounts state that while defending Autobot City, Prime fell in battle against his long time foe Megatron.

This lead to a great change. The Autobot Matrix of Leadership now belonged to Rodimus Prime. Megatron was reformatted into the insane Galvatron. Nothing was the same again. The status quo had changed.

That’s the official story anyway.

Today I present to you with shocking evidence that proves that Megatron was not the one who fatally shot Optimus Prime.

The “official story” states that this:

Megatron Taking the Shot

resulted in this…..

Who Reall Shot Banner

But let me ask you: If Megatron was holding his weapon at shoulder length aiming straight ahead….How is it that the shots strike Prime’s lower torso?

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been lied to all these year! Based on the evidence I have compiled it would have been impossible for Megatron to make this shot.

Those who promote the “official” story would have you believe that they were actually not standing on level ground. They would have you believe that perhaps one was at a lower angle from the other. Thus when his shots were fired, Prime was struck in the torso.

This evidence proves otherwise:

Level Ground 001

Level Ground 002

Level Ground 003

We compiled all available information and created a diagram that recreates the scene perfectly.

Real Shot This proves that had Megatron actually made the kill shot, it would have struck Prime in the head. Prime would have been killed instantly.

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