What To Read in DC Rebirth This Week: January 25, 2017

Comics DC
Comics DC

Every week, we’ll take you through the newest issues of DC Rebirth comics. So whether you’re a seasoned reader, or just getting started, you’ll always be able to jump in with us at any point.

Action Comics #972

Men of Steel DC Rebirth Comics Issue 972

The finale to the Men of Steel story line delivers in every facet, from character development to tying up some of the original plot lines from Action Comics’ first Rebirth issue.  Forcing Lex Luthor to protect Superman is one of the delights of the book. The new-52 version of the bald billionaire was one of the shining stars of that movement.

Writer Dan Jurgens is at home when writing the unique dynamics that have come from pairing pre-Flashpoint Superman with this incarnation of Lex Luthor. This issue has a lot of what has made Rebirth so successful in the first place. It sets a new norm in the Superman universe and brings a glimpse into the future of the book. What’s more is that pre-Flashpoint Superman’s ability to prevent the anti-hero L’Call the Godslayer from pre-judging Luthor leaves way for plenty of confrontations in the Man of Steel’s future. Hopefully, this is not the last time that we hear from L’Call. The character’s backstory could make for an interesting mini-series down the line.

Detective Comics #949

Batwoman Begins Batman Detective Comics DC Rebirth Issue 949

From Metropolis to Gotham, this issue acts as a Rebirth for the Batwoman character. It focuses solely on how Kate Kane became Batwoman. This is an important read for anyone who has loved the Detective Comics run to this point as Kate Kane will be venturing into her own book starting Feb. 15.

Kate Kane and Bruce Wayne‘s familial relationship is perhaps the most interesting part of this issue. It seems that the two are almost identical. Yet when you dig into Batwoman, you begin to realize the catalyst is different for those two characters. Jacob Kane plays a major role in the back half of the issue and this is the first real instance in the DC Universe where you get the sense that the hero’s father is likely to be their arch nemesis. Writers Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion will have a lot of uncharted territory in which to grow Kate Kane into a distinct character.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #6

Justice League vs Suicide Squad DC Rebirth issue 6

Of course, the conclusion to the first major event of DC Rebirth was going to be something that made its way to must-read status. Eclipso became the main villain of the arc at the very end of issue #5 and took control of the entire Justice League (except Batman, because he’s Batman). This left Batman to round up a ragtag team of Suicide Squad members and Lobo to attempt to stop Eclipso from claiming the entire world as his own.

This issue was surprisingly well focused considering all of the moving parts. Writer Josh Williamson did a fabulous job in giving each of the major characters of this story their due. Killer Frost is a clear breakout candidate with her character teetering towards the side of good and discovering the true potential of her powers. This issue accentuates just what makes Caitlin Snow different from the rest of the Suicide Squad and the DC Universe is all the better for it. Frost is headed to the JLA on Feb. 8. With her will be the main man Lobo as his character’s foray into heroism is a bit less cut and dry.

Nevertheless, the conclusion to this arc was very well done and left a lot of loose ends to be slowly tied up over time. This tends to serve any comic book arc well. The more loose ends, the more stories that are still out there to be told and fleshed out to the extent that they need to be. It also doesn’t hurt that the final couple pages are enough to keep anyone salivating for more.

Suicide Squad #10

Justive League vs Suicide Squad Issue 10

Speaking of loose ends, the epilogue issue of the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad arc manages to bring Rustam (AKA loose end with flaming sword) into Amanda Waller‘s personal life. Waller’s mostly just been a shady government character and her family really has not been fleshed out in the Rebirth era, so it was nice to get a peek into what makes the overlord of the Suicide Squad tick.

Rustam‘s revenge lies in destroying everything that Waller is and who she purports herself to be on a day-to-day basis. This pseudo-villain develops a clever plan and it will assuredly have an impact on Waller moving forward. Giuseppe Cafaro’s art in this issue brings out the heart of the conflict the best as he uses contrast to display emotion beautifully. Also, while this was an introspective issue, the Suicide Squad is still a team book and the villain’s takes on this personal issue for Waller deftly lightened the mood when necessary.

Teen Titans #4

DC Rebirth Comics Teen Titans Issue 4

Damian Wayne is a hero… finally. After years of the character tussling with his ties to grandpa Ra’s Al Ghul, Damian understands what it means to be the hero that he so desperately wants to be. The central focus of writer Benjamin Percy’s first story for the Teen Titans is redemption and what it means to be a part of a team and he has displayed some form of this in each character through four issues. However, his main focus has been on Robin finding a way to replace and honor the ‘fallen’ Tim Drake while trying to make himself into a hero the likes of his father.

This issue succeeds in galvanizing the team and bringing them together against a common threat. It’s nice to see the new team dynamic begin to form. The additions of Robin and Kid Flash have served to refresh the Teen Titans in the best way imaginable.

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