What to Read in DC Rebirth This Week: February 9, 2017

Comics DC
Comics DC

The debut of the Justice League of America and some answers regarding the overall mystery behind DC Rebirth are just a couple of the highlights this week for DC Comics. Here’s a look at a cross section of what’s new.

Detective Comics #950

A milestone issue gives an inkling of what’s to come in the over-arching Rebirth story. Detective Comics has been one of the most up and down books to this point. However, the book hits an all-time high this week with the beginning of the League of Shadows story arc.

Orphan is a complicated character and in this issue, we see her struggle with existence from a new perspective. Cassandra Cain is going to play a major role in this upcoming arc and her character will be forced to choose between mentors. What works best here is that Orphan could truly go either way after the book seemed to have no trouble in turning Spoiler against the team. With Detective Comics shuffling its lineup on the fly, they could just as easily lose another core piece of the team.

Most importantly, readers who make it all the way through the over-sized issue are rewarded with a major Rebirth puzzle piece.The reason behind the removal of Tim Drake is made painfully and its fun to see him go full genius as he deduces what Batman is up to. Those who have been following the main DC Rebirth story are going to want to check this book out before reading anything else this week.

The Flash #16

When last seen, the Rogues were doing some good for Central City. But unfortunately for the Flash, the Rogues absence has made them stronger enemies. Barry Allen was defeated for the first time and while most of the issue is a redemptive arc, the introspective element is what makes this story worth reading.

The Fastest Man Alive is never fast enough and this time he failed, that leaves a lot to unpacked and will go a long way in the outcome of this long-term battle with the Rogues. Captain Cold‘s reveal at the end of the issue puts a new twist on this ongoing rivalry and ups the stakes for the conflict in a smart way.

Justice League of America: Rebirth #1

It’s not too difficult to explain why this book is a must-read, but following Detective Comics this week, there’s a lot more clarity behind this team’s existence.

Lobo is far and away the shining star of this Rebirth issue as his humor and off-putting personality makes for a ton of entertainment. Black Canary‘s role as the conscious of the team is also a strong fit, especially with Dinah playing the exact same role with Green Arrow right now.

Also, writer Steve Orlando does an excellent job of laying the groundwork for the trouble that’s to come. Killer Frost‘s role with the team may not be as set in stone as previously thought.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #7

The relationship between Red Hood and Bizzaro is heartwarming…. yes, heartwarming.

It’s a twisted play on Toy Story and Of Mice and Men. The two unwanted heroes are struggling to find themselves and the danger of Bizzaro is clearly wearing on Red Hood. The least responsible member of the Bat family is now in charge of one of the most dangerous beings on the planet. It’s quite frankly hilarious to watch it play out.

Jason Todd has been given a big role in DC’s new Dark Trinity and the writing of Scott Lobdell justifies that move. Lobdell playing up the effect of Batman on Red Hood has helped legitimize his talents. It’s only a matter of time before Red Hood and the Outlaws becomes a can’t miss book every month.

Titans #8

We’re pulling together the team as Mal Duncan and Karen Beecher are the focus of this week’s issue. Unfortunately for the Titans, the duo’s arrival comes by way of removing their powers. Mal convinces the former-Bumblebee that she should get the same treatment as him and it results in the return of a powerful foe.

With Titans Tower coming together and the Titans finding themselves again, the issue has some slow spots. The inner-turmoil for Wally West and the response from Dick Grayson is a particularly strong character interaction.

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