Ranking Spider-Man’s Greatest Loves

Drew Dietsch
Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Spider-Man has had a number of romantic interests throughout his career. Fellow students at his school, co-workers, and even costumed crimefighters have all been tangled up in Spidey’s web of love. We’ve pared down the wallcrawler’s paramours to the top five contender’s for ol’ webhead’s heart.

5. Liz Allan

spider-man liz allan

Elizabeth Allan was Peter Parker’s first crush in the comics. She was part of the popular clique at Midtown High School and even joined in on some of the mockery Peter experienced at the hands of bullies like Flash Thompson. However, her feelings about Peter changed over time. At their graduation ceremony, Liz revealed her attraction to Peter. But, he had moved on by then. She eventually became the wife of Harry Osborn and stayed friends with Peter.

Liz occupies the #5 spot because she’s important to Peter’s early love life, even if they never became romantically entangled in any serious fashion.

4. Betty Brant

spider-man betty brant

Betty Brant was Peter’s first real girlfriend. She worked as J. Jonah Jameson‘s secretary at the Daily Bugle and developed an office romance with Peter. She defended Spider-Man when Jameson ran some libelous stories about the hero and that impressed Peter. However, her brother was eventually killed during a fight between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. She blamed Spider-Man for her brother’s death without knowing that Peter was behind the mask. Betty began to suspect that Peter had stronger feelings towards Liz and ended the relationship.

Betty places at #4 because she is Peter’s first relationship and they still maintained a strong friendship after they broke up. She even forgave Spider-Man for her brother’s death.

3. Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

spider-man black cat

This one is special because Black Cat and Spider-Man are the ones who are attracted to each other, not their alter egos of Felicia Hardy and Peter Parker. Black Cat was a burglar but flitted between being a criminal and hero for many years. Spider-Man felt very close to her since she was someone who could understand his costumed lifestyle. They became incredibly close but things didn’t work out and Peter eventually rekindled his relationship with… someone else on this list. In recent years, Black Cat has gone back to being a criminal and even has a vendetta against Spider-Man.

Black Cat sits at #3 because she’s the most well-known costumed figure to be involved with Spidey. She’s also a character who can stand on her own apart from Spidey. That’s a running theme in these top three entries.

2. Gwen Stacy

spider-man gwen stacy

Gwen Stacy was Peter’s first true love. The two had an on/off relationship after meeting at Empire State University but they were headed toward marriage until Gwen was tragically killed during a battle with the Green Goblin. Gwen often had to battle for Peter’s affections with… that someone else on this list mentioned earlier. But, Gwen was the apple of Peter’s eye. She had an aptitude for science and loved Peter’s intelligence unlike anyone had before. The character has become extremely popular thanks to alternate universe versions like Spider-Gwen and Gwenpool.

Gwen holds the #2 spot because of how foundational she is to Peter’s love life. The comic Spider-Man: Blue showcases how much Gwen’s memory still stays with Peter, and how she’ll always be in his heart.

1. Mary Jane Watson

spider-man mary jane

Mary Jane Watson is the love of Peter’s life. She was a blind date that turned out to be the girl of his dreams. Mary Jane has been a successful model and actress as well as a source of strength and support for Spider-Man throughout his long crimefighting career. Their eventual marriage was one of the biggest events in Marvel history. It was such a powerful love that the evil Mephisto made Peter give it up in order to save his dying Aunt May.

If that doesn’t deserve #1 status, what does? Mary Jane and Peter have one of the best relationships in comic history. It’s a no-brainer that she’s the greatest love of Spider-Man’s life.

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