R.I.P. ‘Hellboy 3’ – Guillermo del Toro Says Sequel Is Dead

Drew Dietsch

Recently, Hellboy III looked like it might actually happen. Director Guillermo del Toro was meeting with star Ron Perlman and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola to see if the sequel could come to pass. Fans – myself included – were incredibly optimistic. Alas, del Toro himself too to Twitter to break the sad news.

It was a long shot but one we were hoping hit its mark. Hellboy and its delightful sequel are some of the best fantasy/action/horror blockbusters in recent years. It’s a shame to know that the story won’t be concluded on screen. So that leaves us with one big question…

Where Does Hellboy Go From Here?

If a sequel is out of the question, do we ever get an official ending to Hellboy II: The Golden Army? A comic or animated film or something? At the very least, it would be nice to hear a full breakdown of the story. If not, it will be a bummer to fans who were hoping for an apocalyptic showdown of epic proportions. But, with all that out of the way, we have to come to the most obvious suggestion.


hellboy mike mignola

Will the powers-that-be decide to eventually reboot the Hellboy franchise? It’s such a wonderful property and world that it can’t go to waste. Will del Toro and Mignola still be involved in some way? And will the reboot be less action-y and more Gothic working class like the comics?

Regardless, this is a bummer story but let’s hope we’ll see the big red guy on the big screen again. As long as Ron Perlman has a meta cameo, I think I can get on board with a new Hellboy.

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