Exclusive: ‘Psych’ Creator Admits He Wants to Make 9 More ‘Psych’ Movies

Ryan Aday
Comic-Con TV
Comic-Con TV

A rocking crowd sat in Ballroom 20 on day two of San Diego Comic-Con. They had come to see their favorite characters and creators from the USA network show Psych. The cast is getting back together for a reunion movie to air this December and their fans were there to say bring it on and thank you!

The panel included a four-minute trailer with James Roday and Dule Hill, the two main characters, preparing to reprise their popular roles of Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster.

The panel also featured a special screening of the film’s first eight minutes. As the panel progressed, it appeared obvious that the fans in attendance were going to get plenty of info about the upcoming movie.

It Will Take Place in San Fransisco

Psych took place in the coastal city of Santa Barbara. The series finale featured the chief of police from Santa Barbara being transferred to San Francisco and the bulk of the cast going with her. It was clear in the panel that the bulk of the reunion film occurs in the city by the bay.

We can also assume that there will be some sort of a jaunt down south to Santa Barbara as a couple of the main characters still reside there. Corbin Bernsen, (who plays Sean’s father) was a big part of the panel. This leads us to believe that the not-so-psychic duo visiting him would make sense.

Zachary Levi Will Co-star

Adding 'Chuck' star Zachary Levi to the 'Psych' movie makes complete sense

In a move that makes sense when you compare the two shows, Chuck star Zachary Levi will join the cast. Levi played the title character in the NBC hit show and found further success in movies and on Broadway.

It was evident that the current cast gets along like family, so adding another main character to the mix could’ve been tricky. Many of the current cast have known Levi for quite some time and we’re excited for him to join their group. Multiple cast members remarked at how easy and seamless the transition seemed.

We Are in For More Singing

One of the most popular episodes of Psych was the full musical episode. All the characters in the show did all the singing and dancing. The panel revealed that “Psych: The Musical” was one of their favorite episodes and we will see more singing and dancing in the reunion movie.

Considering Levi’s Broadway background, it makes sense that he would join in on the vocal activities. In the show, Bernsen’s character was the only one who didn’t sing. “I don’t sing… it’s not in my DNA,” Berson told FANDOM.

Creator Steve Franks Wants to Make 5 More

The first words out of Psych creator Steve Franks‘ mouth were “I want to make six Psych movies”. He said that ever since the last episode finished editing, he has been solely focused on the film.

When pushed as to if he really wanted to make six films, Franks told FANDOM, “No, I actually want to make nine.” He stated that you can’t ask for too much and felt asking for six was more realistic.

There were many things the cast weren’t allowed to say about the film. However, the fans that waited in line at Comic-Con got an inside look at the lives of the cast members and a great sneak peek of an epic film coming out in December.

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