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Erika Cruz
TV Animated Series
TV Animated Series

After a month of hiatus, Steven Universe returns on January 30th with a long-awaited Stevenbomb. Starting at 7:00 PM EST, Monday through Thursday, Stevenbomb 5 airs as five new episodes on Cartoon Network. The episodes are: “Steven’s Dream,” “Adventures in Light Distortion,” “Gem Heist,” “The Zoo,” and “That Will Be All.” The first two will be aired back to back on Monday, and the rest will air nightly during the rest of the week.

What is this “bomb” you speak of?

The “bomb” has to do with how the episodes are released. Known for its steadily growing popularity, Steven Universe is a show on Cartoon Network, created by Rebecca Sugar. Steven Universe carries with it a massive fan base eagerly awaiting the release of future episodes. It follows the story of a fourteen-year-old boy named Steven Universe, and his adventures with his three magical, alien guardians. The guardians are Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, all of which are gemstones with human forms. The show has just recently reached its fourth season and has been confirmed to continue on to a fifth.

While the show is known for its long hiatuses, fans often find them worth the wait when presented with a Stevenbomb. It’s a collection of brand new week-long episodes, one night after another. Some even air back to back on the same night. These episodes tend to be linked in a story arc rich with plot and character development. Fans chat and theorize about all of this new content during the long hiatuses.

Will we learn anything about Pink Diamond?

This upcoming Stevenbomb will likely provide new insight into the character of Pink Diamond.  Fans are speculating this after the first advertisement for the show posted on Cartoon Network’s Instagram. The picture depicted a run-down pink palanquin which fans think is linked to a character mentioned in the last Stevenbomb: Pink Diamond.

Not only does this pose numerous questions for eager fans, but it should flesh out another facet of Steven’s character. He has mixed feelings about his mother, Rose Quartz, and her impact on Homeworld. The previous Stevenbomb officially referenced Pink Diamond and what caused her disappearance. Homeworld once had a four-Diamond emblem, and now it consists of only three: Yellow, White, and Blue Diamond.

Watching the previous Stevenbomb will be essential to understanding this upcoming one. If you want to watch it, you can find the episodes on Cartoon Network’s website. You can also catch re-runs airing on the Cartoon Network Channel. If you miss this Stevenbomb 5, make sure you back up and check out the previous one.

The CN has been teasing fans

Pink Diamond isn’t the only character that the CN has dropped hints about. Cartoon Network released a promo for the Stevenbomb, titled “Out of this World” on YouTube. It mentions being able to watch a sneak peek of the new episodes through their site and on the Cartoon Network app. Fans have plenty of ways to feed their curiosity.

This second public promo revealed a blue palanquin. If fans follow the hint, there’s a high possibility that Blue Diamond will return. They also mention that Steven will have his father, Greg Universe, taken away. With the temporary absence of his remaining parental figure, this Stevenbomb will surely deepen Steven’s character. What will Steven likely endure and push himself to do in order to get his father back?

blue diamond steven universe

We’re looking forward to Stevenbomb 5

The lovable fourteen-year old’s character has evolved quite a lot throughout the series, since the launch of the show all the way back in 2013. Steven has grown from an innocent child who would obsess over an ice cream snack. He’s become self-aware, with a heavy weight on his shoulders. Judging from the last Stevenbomb, the mention of Pink Diamond, and thanks to being kept in the dark for so long, fans’ curiosity has been sparked for the new one!

Steven and his gem family will grow in character, for better or for worse. While the show has its deep, if not dark moments, it has its lighthearted ones, too as balance. Fans won’t forget that even alien heroes need comic relief now and then. Attracting both young and older audiences alike with its plot, which includes LGBTQ+ themes, and more. Not sure if you’ll like it? If you like Adventure Time or Gravity Falls, you might find yourself appreciating Steven Universe too.

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