‘Preacher’ Season 2 Will Feature This Iconic Villain

Drew Dietsch

Preacher is about to start its second season. This can’t happen soon enough. The first season was a blast and set things up for the road trip fans have been waiting for. There have been other aspects from the comics that fans are eager to see, and we’ve just gotten confirmation of a pretty big one. Namely, who the villain in season two will be.

Meet Herr Starr

preacher herr starr

Actor Pip Torrens will play Herr Starr, one of the most important villains in Preacher. Starr is the leader of the Grail, a super-secret organization that has ties dating back to the time of Jesus. Exactly what their mission is would be a bit of a spoiler, and who knows if that’s what will play out in the television series. Regardless, Starr is a ruthless and dedicated man of focus. His desire to obtain Jesse Custer‘s power will be a driving force behind season two.

We actually got a peek at Starr back in season one. Dany handed him a mysterious map tied to Grail Industries. It’s clear that he’s going to become a big part of the show and it’s great to see him fully realized like this. His iconic facial scar is perfect!

We’ve also gotten confirmation that Julie Ann Emery is playing Lara Featherstone, Starr’s right-hand operative. She’s looking mighty fierce herself!

preacher lara featherstone julie ann emery

Preacher is set to get underway with the road trip across America we’ve all been waiting for. It’s awesome to know that the second season is going to be bringing even more familiar elements from the comics to the small screen. It’s gonna be fun. Preacher returns on AMC starting June 25.

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