‘Preacher’ Recap and Reaction: “Monster Swamp”

Drew Dietsch

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SPOILERS may occur so read at your own risk.

Last week saw Jesse coming to an epiphany in regards to how he needs to utilize his newfound power. “Monster Swamp” clarifies that somewhat with Jesse’s desire to convert Odin Quincannon into a servant of God. Honestly, the impact of this arc fell a little flat after Jesse’s use of the Word on Tracy, Donnie, and Linus. Hopefully, Jesse will start to be more casual with his powers as that can lead to some humorous and badass moments (for all you comic fans out there, one of my favorite uses of the Word is, “Miss.” You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!).

The majority of “Monster Swamp” seems to be taking a look at the town of Annville and the complacency it’s fallen into when it comes to allowing sin to run rampant. The cold open drives this home with the accidental death of Lacey and the nonchalant response to it. Naturally, Tulip takes issue with this attitude and wants to get some payback. That leads to the funniest moment of the episode where Tulip mistakes Cassidy for the callous Quincannon employee Clive. Even though this wasn’t the most propulsive episode, Preacher still finds ways to illicit hearty guffaws from me.

Even the flashbacks to Jesse’s relationship with his father felt a little wheel-spinny. I’m beginning to wonder how the show will integrate Jesse’s extended family into the story seeing as how John’s presence hasn’t given us much of a hint into that corner of the Preacher universe. We know they are coming thanks to the pilot episode and Jesse’s mention of who taught him how to fight, but John’s demeanor and actions don’t yet showcase a man who is being made to be a preacher. If the show is going to give us flashbacks, I’d wish they’d be a little more illuminating than what we saw in “Monster Swamp.”

Regardless, this was a stepping stone episode and that’s okay when we get some good promises for the next episode. Tulip and Cassidy are finally going to start forming a connection, Jesse’s congregation has witnessed his power, and who is calling Fiore and DeBlanc? If next week’s cryptic synopsis is any clue, we might be seeing exactly why that Cowboy is part of this twisted tale.

Best Moments of the Episode:

Cassidy trying to negotiate some drugs out of Fiore and DeBlanc. It’s comedic but also could hint at one of the most important pieces of story from the comics. Cassidy and his addictions end up being a dangerous combination. Still, it’s hard not to love the guy when you get shots like this:


Speaking of Cassidy, his meet cute with Tulip is pitch perfect Preacher. Coaxing a kiss out of Tulip because she thinks he’s dying is exactly the kind of rapscallion behavior that makes us love Cass, but if the show does follow the comics as far as Cassidy’s character is concerned, this first meeting between them might be as sweet as things get.

Cassidy drinking the blood bags in the hospital. Can you tell that I really loved Cassidy in this episode?


Odin playing some Q*bert and shortly thereafter pissing all over Miles‘ briefcase provided some serious chuckles. Seeing as how Jackie Earle Haley only gets a “Special Appearance by” credit, I can’t imagine he’s going to make it to the season’s end. That’s a shame since Haley is excellent in the role. He’s not the ill-tempered troll that was in the comics, but rather a detached weirdo who knows he holds all the cards when it comes to the power structure of Annville. I’m intrigued to see how that will change with Jesse’s command of, “Serve God.”

Next Week: “South Will Rise Again”

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