‘Preacher’ Recap and Reaction: “He Gone”

Drew Dietsch

For a full recap of the episode, visit the Preacher Wiki here. This article is a review of the episode in which specific details and events are discussed. SPOILERS may occur, so read at your own risk.

Last week, I brought up one of my previous observations about Preacher‘s take on Jesse Custer. Unlike the comic version — an immensely likable character whose flaws were either quickly resolved or fed into the romanticized Southern ideal Jesse is meant to represent — Jesse’s television counterpart is incredibly broken. We learn this from the biggest chunk of backstory we’ve gotten yet involving Tulip and Jesse’s childhood friendship. When John Custer sends Tulip away, Jesse prays to God that his father will die. That same night, Jesse has his prayer answered when two figures kidnap and murder John right in front of his son.


This makes Jesse’s relationship to God something much more twisted than simple bitterness. Jesse blames himself for his father’s death and has been trying to atone for it, but not before succumbing to hatred and apathy in how he deals with Eugene’s disappearance. The dinner scene in which Jesse lashes out at all of his friends was a level of cruelty that genuinely shocked me. His line about Eugene‘s fate being God’s will was terrifying. I am scared of Jesse Custer, but Dominic Cooper plays the role so well that we see the frightened, confused little boy behind those dark eyes. This week was a definite highlight for Cooper.

Admittedly, this week was so concentrated on Jesse that the rest of the episode felt a tad ponderous. There was movement on the part of Odin Quincannon — I cannot wait to see what, “serve God,” means to that monster of a man — but otherwise the episode maintained something of a holding pattern as far as plot is concerned. I’m okay with this because the episode was clearly focused on Jesse’s inner conflict and learning more about his character. I’ll never bemoan good character work on television.

We’re heading into the last three episodes of the season (NO!!!) and it looks like the buildup has been as calculated as I had assumed. I get the feeling that we’re going to get a buttload of craziness in the coming weeks. Bring. It. On.


Best Moments of the Episode:

The craning upward shot that reveals Cassidy saw what Jesse did to Eugene. Michael Morris’ direction was a great follow-up to Guillermo Navarro last week, and there were quite a few shots that I loved in “He Gone,” particularly the dinner scene with Jesse’s back to the camera. Preacher is a hell of a good lookin’ show.

This has been the first week that I’ve been really into the flashbacks. Not only do we get Tulip and Jesse’s classic vow, “Until the end of the world,” but I love that little Tulip bit a bully’s nipple off.

We got a little closer to seeing who killed Jesse’s dad. For fans, this is another great acknowledgment of the source material. Just because the show is different doesn’t mean the stuff you want ain’t comin’ down the pike. Preacher brings out my inner redneck, so apologies for all the words that end in apostrophes.

“Dick.” You tell ’em, Tulip!

“Will you let me burn too?” Easily the highlight of the episode. Seeing Cass walk out into the sunlight and burst into flames — kudos to the VFX team because that scorch on his back was naaaasty — was visually and emotionally powerful.

Jesse ripping up the floorboards where Eugene disappeared and shouting, “Come back!” was heartbreaking. Damn, this show knows when to go for the gut.

Next Week on Preacher

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