‘Preacher’ Recap and Reaction: “Finish the Song”

Drew Dietsch

For a full recap of the episode, visit the Preacher Wiki here. This article is a review of the episode in which specific details and events are discussed. SPOILERS may occur, so read at your own risk.

Last week gave us a delicious helping of action, so it makes sense that Preacher‘s penultimate episode would be focused on setting up a whole bunch of craziness for the finale. Thank goodness that all the setup is so exciting. “Finish the Song” promises to deliver on so many levels that it makes the finale unbearable to wait for.


Jesse‘s promise to bring God to Annville will probably end poorly for a lot of folks, but man if it isn’t fun to anticipate. Cassidy is finally healed up but we’ve now seen the monster that he’s capable of being. Is that going to show up again as the show continues? Tulip has finally stopped waiting on Jesse and has Carlos right where she wants him. Some good ol’ fashioned revenge is on her mind, and we know Preacher will give us all the gory details.

The only troubling thing is what will become of Eugene. Will Jesse be able to use the Word to bring him out of Hell? There’s no way Eugene gets left down there by the season’s end, so something has to happen on that front.

And what about the angel that Sheriff Root killed/helped? What’s she going to be up to?


“Finish the Song” did exactly what a penultimate episode should do: get you primed and anxious for the finale. All the pieces are in place for something truly extraordinary and insane. It’s clear that Preacher excels in those areas, so now we just have to count the minutes until the end. How did this go by so fast?

Best Moments of the Episode:

Everything with the Cowboy. The entire cold open was chilling and awesome in equal measure, and that final decapitation was exactly the kind of shock that Preacher is perfecting. But then the great title reveal of, “Hell,” was another excellent kicker. For those who didn’t see where this plotline was going, you got to find out in a pretty fantastic way.

“I’ll see you Sunday, sheriff.” Can this show ever not be funny?

It sounds kind of mean to say but Miles‘ death. He wasn’t the most integral character and it was a strong bit of drama to add to Emily‘s story. She’s obviously not as clean cut as people may think. It was also a nice little touch to see her contemplate this decision while watching Psycho.


“You put me out. That’s what matters.” Seeing Jesse and Cassidy become the truest of friends has been a blast, and it’s going to be a hell of a ride watching their friendship grow and struggle as the series go on. But that specific line was a bit of a tear-jerker.

Did this episode reveal that Fiore and Deblanc are lovers, or has that been hinted at previously? If not, it’s a splendid addition to these two eminently watchable characters. Their desire to stay together adds a level of pathos that may not have been there before. They just became one of television’s best couples!

The transition between Ratwater/Hell and that ominous tree. People need to start talking about how expertly crafted Preacher is on a technical level. This show looks like the best movies you can think of.

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