‘Preacher’ Comic-Con Panel Was a Perverse Party That Included Seth Rogen

Drew Dietsch
TV Comic-Con
TV Comic-Con

Preacher is my favorite show on television right now. It’s weird, brutal, absurd and full of a whole lot of heart. That same energy came to Hall H right out of the gate. Before the panel started, a New Orleans jazz band walked up on stage as the cast and crew of the AMC show joined them. Just watch:

Then, the event coordinators passed out Eugene Root a.k.a. Arseface masks. Do you think I didn’t wear it and take a picture. Come on.

We did get to see a preview for the rest of Preacher’s second season and it was heavily focused on both the Saint of Killers and Herr Starr, a villain that fans have been so excited to see come to life. It looks like Herr Starr might be approaching his contentious relationship with Jesse in a very different way than the comics. It appears he might be trying to befriend Jesse first before everything goes to Hell.

Speaking of Hell, it also looks like Eugene and Hitler will be close together for the rest of this season. Hitler tells Eugene that there’s a back door and they are definitely going to use it to escape.

But the best part was a clip from an upcoming episode introducing us to Herr Starr. We get to see his audition for The Grail, the most secret and powerful organization on the planet. My editors probably won’t let me detail all the hilariously horrendous things that happen in the clip, but know that the showrunners have perfectly captured the character. He is vicious, vulgar, and cool as a cucumber that has been in a very uncomfortable place.

And the biggest piece of fun was Seth Rogen teasing the idea that he might play a role in the show. That has to be God, right? It would be wonderfully meta and play into the show’s cheeky spirit. Fingers crossed we’d get something so outrageous. And it’s not like Preacher has never gone for the most outrageous idea possible.

I know why Preacher isn’t a widespread hit — it’s just too weird for some folks — but it really should be. The Comic-Con panel proved that as the audience fell in love with the horribleness of Herr Starr. Here’s hoping that more people jump aboard the Preacher train for Season 2. We need gonzo stuff like this, especially when it’s so damn fun.

Drew Dietsch
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