‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Film Begins Shooting

Drew Dietsch

One of the biggest franchises to come out of the ’90s was Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Based on the popular Super Sentai series from Japan, the Power Rangers have maintained a steady presence in the pop culture for over twenty years. They even had two theatrical feature films released in 1995 and 1997. Now, in an age of reboots, the Power Rangers will be making their way to the big screen in an all new incarnation.

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Titled Power Rangers, the new film is based on the original American series — itself taken from the Japanese series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger — and will feature brand new actors playing the original five Rangers. Elizabeth Banks has been cast as the villainous witch, Rita Repulsa. Little else is known about the story of the film, but today’s “start of production” notice did come with a little surprise about the script.

Apparently, Max Landis has a credit on the finished screenplay. Looking at the credit, it’s clear that he was brought on for rewrite purposes, so it will be interesting to eventually hear what he brought to the table. Landis is a big proponent of focusing on characters over story, so I wonder if his contributions have more to do with the relationships between the Rangers than it does the overall plot.

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Regardless, Power Rangers is about to be back in a big way. The feature film is slated for March 24, 2017. This year, that same slot belongs to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so you can see what kind of faith distributor Lionsgate has in the project. We can probably expect some sort of teaser by the end of the summer. Keep coming back to learn more.

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