‘Power Rangers’ Poster Brings the Zords

Drew Dietsch

Power Rangers will be the first time since the iconic superhero team has graced the big screen since 1997’s Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Chances are that this new version will be much better than that. We’ve been anxious to get a look at the Zords – well, a look that doesn’t involve toys – and now the final poster gives us our best glimpse yet. Check it out:

power rangers final poster

It’s not hard to make a comparison to the Transformers aesthetic. The integration of the team colors is pretty great but we’ll see if that vibrant look carries over to the actual film. The trailers we’ve gotten have been visually dark and this poster is trying to brighten things up a bit. That’s appreciated but the design is going to turn quite a few fans off.

Me? I grew up during the fervor of the original show. It was a huge part of my life. I was part of the official fan club and even got the Green Ranger’s martial arts instructional video. How do I feel about this? It’s a version of the world for a new generation. There will certainly be elements that I’ll recognize but this should carve its own path and be interested in creating its own fans.

We’ll find out how new audiences and old react to this when it hits theaters on March 24. Before you start grabbing your pitchforks, take a moment to watch this trailer for Turbo: a Power Rangers Movie. You will see that no matter how bad you think something might be, there is always something much worse out there.

I’m willing to bet that Power Rangers won’t have some sweet off-roading.

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