Power Rangers Meet The Breakfast Club


Sure, we’ve seen our heroes served up as dark and brooding (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice). We’ve also seen them self-deprecating (Iron Man) and dysfunctional (The Avengers). But to compare the Power Rangers to a crew of detention bound misfits (no matter how timeless that movie may be), well… that’s just crazy talk!

“It’s ultimately a coming of age story like The Breakfast Club,” says Dacre Montgomery, who plays Jason Scott (the Red Ranger) in the upcoming Saban’s Power Rangers. “Five kids that meet, they don’t initially like each other and then they form a bond… a relationship. And the Power Rangers thing is almost like a metaphor, I guess, for the whole journey that we go on.”

A metaphor that’s relatable to audiences of all ages, the cast – and studio – is banking on.

“I think it’s what attracts old fans to the series and new fans, too,” notes Ludi Lin, a.k.a. Zack Taylor (the Black Ranger). “Its to awaken that inner kid inside of you. Everybody wants to be a hero. Everybody wants to be good. It’s that ageless theme.”

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