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To quote modern-day philosopher and lifestyle prophet Kylie Jenner, “I feel like this year is really about, like… the year of just realizing stuff.” That it was, Kylie. That it was.

2017 was but one long quest for information and answers. Is BTS a Korean boy band or something Web MD tells me I have when I type in my symptoms? What is millennial pink and is there such a thing as baby-boomer beige? How on earth did Jack die in This Is Us? Will I die before he does on the show?

It seems you, our fabulous readers, also felt this unquenchable thirst for knowledge in 2017. So here are the most visited Wikis from our site, month by month. Never stop learning!

January — Gellert Grindelwald

What a sinister way to begin a fresh, new year. In January, our most viewed page was that of Gellert Grindelwald, the infamous villain and elitist frenemy of Albus Dumbledore. Potterheads were shocked — some even petrified (a la Filch’s cat in Chamber of Secrets) — to see Grindelwald played by a tow-headed Johnny Depp at the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

We haven’t seen the last of this wicked wizard. In November of next year, Grindelwald will return to big screens everywhere in the sequel to Fantastic Beasts, foiled by a young Dumbledore (played by Jude Law). Well, in that case, Accio 2018!

Notable Runners Up:
1. Elder Scrolls’ Console Commands
2. Resident Evil‘s Jack Baker

February — Dragon Ball Super‘s Gods of Destruction

Also known as Destroyers, Dragon Ball Super’s Gods of Destruction are supreme beings who destroy races and planets to restore balance in the universe. Though that sounds relatively nefarious, these destructive deities aren’t innately evil. In fact, some are mostly benign, known for eating a bunch of food and socializing. Me too, Gods of Destruction. Me too.

Notable Runners Up:
1. Vikings’ Ragnar
2. Resident Evil‘s Eveline

March — Marvel’s Madame Gao

Ready for some real March Madness? Skip those basketball brackets and brace yourself for Madame Gao. We first saw this cunning villain in Netflix’s Daredevil, but she returned in March in Iron Fist. Gao is a master of manipulation, martial arts and mystery — she claims she’s been alive for over 400 years. Don’t believe me? Do as almost 300,000 FANDOM readers did in March and look her up.

Notable Runners Up:
1. Power Rangers Series
2. Marvel’s Daniel Rand

April — Attack on Titan‘s Zeke Yeager

April 1st was a big day for Attack on Titan fans. Not only did they get the premiere of the much-anticipated second season, but with it, a first glimpse at the truly terrifying Beast Titan. In the Manga, it’s revealed that protagonist Erin Yeager’s half-brother, Zeke, is the Beast Titan (oh brother — and you thought you had family drama). The show hasn’t yet revealed who’s behind their version, but we’re expecting to see a whole lot more from the Beast Titan in Season 3 this coming year.

Notable Runners Up:
1. Attack on Titan‘s Titan Shifter
2. Attack on Titan‘s Ymir

May — Arrowverse’s Savitar

Back in my day, the most confusing show on The CW was Gossip Girl (where could Blair possibly store all of those sparkly headbands?!). Now, we have vigilante superheroes, alternate universes and time travel. Savitar, from the show The Flash, is described on his Wiki page as a “time remnant of the original Barry Allen from an erased potential future who became a powerful, armored speedster known as Savitar.” Confused? You don’t have to be! A little advice: go ahead and look him up. You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Notable Runners Up:
1. Pocket Morty’s Crafting Stations
2. Attack on Titan‘s Reiner Braun

June — America’s Got Talent‘s Golden Buzzer

In 2014, much like a couple that’s been married for over a decade, America’s Got Talent decided they had to spice things up. The show, in its ninth season, introduced the Golden Buzzer. Despite sounding like a type of woodpecker only a birdwatcher would care about, the Golden Buzzer is actually quite intriguing: should a judge adore a contestant, he or she can press the Golden Buzzer and automatically send the talent to the next round.

And, speaking of spicing things up, the Golden Buzzer was famously used by Nick Cannon in Season 11 on Dorothy Williams, a 90-year old striptease dancer.

Notable Runners Up:
1. Orange Is the New Black‘s Desi Piscatella
2. The Fairly Odd Parents episode, “Timmy’s Secret Wish

July – Game of Thrones‘ Rhaegar Targaryen

Seven seasons, five books, and we’re all still talking about Rhaegar Targaryen (who was murdered long before the events in the books or show). If he weren’t already dead, his ears definitely would be burning. Despite his current status (so dead, he makes White Walkers look like the life of the party), fans rejoiced as Rhaegar was finally brought to the screen through Bran’s flashback in the final episode of Season 7.

Notable Runners Up:
1. Game of Thrones Jon Snow
2. Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen

August – Game of Thrones‘ Rhaegar Targaryen … Again

A two-month streak as our most popular Wiki? Not too shabby for a dead guy. I bend the knee to you, Rhaegar.

1. Game of Thrones‘s Jon Snow
2. Game of Thrones‘s Night King (looks like Daenerys lost her #2 spot from June. Awkward!)

September — It

it pennywise stephen king clips feature

It’s a scary clown! It’s a haunted painting! It’s a puddle of blood in the bathroom! Nope, it’s… It, aka Pennywise the eponymous shape-shifting demon from Stephen King’s iconic novel and this year’s most successful horror film.

Being It takes more than a pair of loose-fitting carney pants and poorly-drawn lipstick. It is actually an ancient spider-like demon that can take the form of anything its prey fears the most. So, unless your biggest fear is a thorough and thrilling Wiki article, check out his page and learn more.

Notable Runners Up:
1. It‘s Beverly Marsh 
2. Rick and Morty‘s Evil Morty

October — Stranger Things‘ Second Season

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is back. And this year, Eggos are so out, and Three Musketeers are so in. Forget Justice for Barb — we want Justice for Bob. And as for Eleven? Well, we still think she’s pretty bitchin’. Don’t know what any of this means? Check out the show’s Wiki page, mouth-breather.

Notable Runners Up:
1. Dragon Ball‘s Ultra Instinct
2. McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce (brought back for a limited time thanks to Rick and Morty)

November — DC Extended Universe


After Wonder Woman removed the bad taste in our mouths left from Suicide Squad, audiences were thrilled that DC would continue building its cinematic universe. The next project was November’s Justice League which, like a fish out of water, was a major flop.

Speaking of fish out of water, DCEU’s next film will be Aquaman’s standalone film in 2018. Here’s to hoping that that film, much like a fish in water, will go swimmingly!

Notable Runners Up:
1. Stranger ThingsWill Byers
2. Stranger ThingsBilly Hargrove

December — Star Wars’ Supreme Leader Snoke

We jumpstarted this year with a villain (Grindelwald). It seems only right that we’ll end the year with a villain, too. Supreme Leader Snoke (or just “Snoke” to his close friends) is a humanoid alien of mystery.

As we inched closer towards the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we all grew more desperate to find out exactly who he is. Is he a mutated Sith Lord? Is he Darth Maul? Is he just Andy Serkis with some motion-capture effects? Follow our Last Jedi coverage to find out.

Notable Runners Up:
1. Drops from the hit game Swordburst 2
2. The Arrowverse crossover episodes

Continue your undying search for answers with FANDOM next year. What will you look up? Dragon Ball FighterZ? Avengers: Infinity War? Westworld? Only time will tell.

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