‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Gets Z-Moves, Special Monsters, and More

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS worldwide a lot sooner than you think, with dozens of new Pokémon coming on Nov. 18. Today, via a brand new video on the official Pokémon YouTube account, there was a jam-packed reveal with over a dozen new monsters, brand new moves, a change to gym battles, new ways of travel, and much much more. Take a look at the new trailer below.

That’s such a huge info drop that you likely need it all spelled out, here are the most important bits. Starting with…

Aloha Forms of Classic Monsters

Pokemon Aloha Forms New Monsters Image

Today the developers confirmed more new Pokémon for Sun and Moon, but the Aloha region of the game also has some fresh takes on old favorites. Original 151 monsters like Exeggutor and Vulpix will get Alohan variations on their classic forms. These basically amount to new Pokémon, with new moves and specialties, making monsters that have been around since the beginning unique once more.

Ride Pokémon to New Areas

Pokemon Sun Moon Z-Moves Ride Featured Image

You’ve been able to ride Pokémon in past games, but this new approach to riding the likes of Charizard looks to have a greater effect on gameplay. Some fans think that Ride will now replace old HMs like Cut and Fly, allowing players whole new ways to explore the regions with their Pokémon.

Gym Battles Now Have Trials and Totems


For all the changes each new Pokémon games brings, they’ve still stuck to the traditional system of defeating gym leaders, collecting badges, and then working your way up to the champions of the region. Things are a little more tribal in Aloha, though, where each of the four islands has a Rite of Passage that replaces the gyms. You complete a trial on each of Aloha’s four islands, ending with a fight against a powerful totem Pokémon that represents the island. But just what will be replacing the championship leagues in the endgame?

Z-Moves Are the Ultimate Attacks


Do you love cute Pokémon like Pikachu but wish they had a little more power? Sun and Moon‘s new feature, Z-Moves, looks to empower Pokémon of all types with once-per-battle ultimate attacks. Z-Moves like Gigavolt Havoc and Bloom Doom get assigned per Pokémon type and come with dramatic battle animation straight out of Dragon Ball Z. They also come with that nifty Z bracelet accessory the trainer is wearing above.

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