‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Ultra Beasts Debuts

The seventh generation of Pokémon soon approaches with the release of November’s Pokémon Sun and MoonAnd as the days and weeks count down, the Pokémon Company is releasing more and more details on the game and its many new beasts. After seeing information on photography and Z-moves. And today we got news on Pokémon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts, the new unique type of monster introduced in this game. Watch the video below to see your first look at Pokémon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts.

Meet the Ultra Beasts

We got our first look at the Ultra Beasts when we saw the new Aether Foundation, a seemingly powerful and benign Pokémon loving group in the Alola region. The first Ultra Beast was UB-01, a jellyfish-like Pokémon hat is known to have the movements of a young girl. Meanwhile, this new trailer showed off the second Ultra Beast of Pokémon Sun and Moon — both of themAnd they couldn’t be more different.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts New Monsters

In the Sun version of the game, you’ll encounter UB-02 Absorption. This monster looks like a huge, musclebound man. Absorption is the definition of brawn over brains, and it looks like it’ll be a real challenge for the other Pokémon on Alola.

However, you’ll see an entirely different Ultra Beast in the Moon edition. There you’ll meet UB-02 Beauty, a more graceful, feminine creature for that version of the game. It has more graceful attacks and relies on speed in Pokémon battles.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts New Monsters

The developers are staying super secretive on just what the Pokémon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts do, but seeing them about to attack the Totem Pokémon in the first trailer makes it seem like they’re up to no good. Could they be genetically engineered Pokémon by the Aether group, out to conquer Alola? And are there more Pokémon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts beyond these two? We’ll just have to wait until the late November release before we find out.

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