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Pokémon Sun and Moon Brings New Villains to the Series

Today saw the release of a new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon. You can check it out below for new details on new Pokémon and new Alola variation on some first generations favorites. Plus you’ll get details on some new attacks. But most importantly, you’ll get your first look at the Pokémon Sun and Moon new villains, Team Skull. See for yourself…

As is tradition in Pokémon games, your trainer won’t just be able to relax on their quest to be the very best (like no one ever was), because they’ll be bedevilled over and over again by a team of Pokémon loving miscreants. Team Skull is all over Alola attempting to steal Pokémon, ruin the sites for Trials (the new tests that replace Gym Leaders in Sun and Moon), and being a general nuisance on the many Alola islands. You’ll run into the black and white clad Team Skull Grunts all around Alola, but the real trouble makers are Plumeria (left) and Guzma (right).

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Villains Team Skull

Team Skull Admin Plumeria is in charge of all the Grunts, and sees herself as their tough-but-caring big sister, meaning she’s protective if said Grunts take a beating. Meanwhile, Team Skull Boss Guzma is their brash and braggadocious leader. Guzma seems a bit full of himself and has something of a history with Poké-expert Professor Kukui. The group seems like the usual band of jerks you’ll beat up a million times over the course of the game, but you can’t help but feel there’s more than meets the eye to this collection of punks and thieves.

They seem like a mix of scary and silly, but will they pose a greater threat than, say, Team Rocket? And is there some secret to the Team Skull organization? We’ll find out when Pokémon Sun and Moon comes to Nintendo 3DS November 18.

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