‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Adds Photography and Enemies in New Trailer

Though Thanksgiving may feel far away, November’s Pokémon Sun and Moon will arrive in stores before you know it. Though Nintendo and GameFreak have done their best to make sure you don’t forget with a continuous stream of updates on the game. We’ve already detailed dozens of Pokémon Sun and Moon new monsters, but there’s so much more beyond that, as today’s trailer confirmed. Take your first look at Pokémon Sun and Moon photography, as well as the mysterious Aether Foundation and Ultra Beasts. Take a look.

Let's first discuss the Pokémon Sun and Moon photography, something that's sure to please older Pokémaniacs. The new Poké Finder item is basically a camera that allows you to photograph wild monsters in specific areas. Your images will then be rated and reviewed by other players.

This type of Pokémon Sun and Moon photography reminds long-term fans of N64 gem Pokémon Snap, a fun, overlooked Pokémon spin-off that dropped would-be camera people into a world of picturesque pocket monsters. Will the Poké Finder offer similar depth for Poké pics? We shall see.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Photography

New Friends? Or Enemies?

This new trailer also introduced us to the Aether Foundation. This is seemingly a benevolent group of Pokémon lovers based in Alola, and the enemy of Team Skull, though something just doesn't feel right about them. They seem to love Pokémon a little too much, and perhaps that love isn't as innocent as it seems.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Photography

This is just a hunch, but it's based on playing many previous Pokémon games. Aether would hardly be the first innocuous group of trainers and monster collectors that turn out to be a front for evil deeds.

Lastly, we learned that Pokémon Sun and Moon takes its title very seriously, especially when it comes to time. Sun and Moon's gameplay is 12 hours apart, meaning you'll be playing at night in Moon while your friend with Sun is playing in the daytime. Not only that, the Totem Pokémon bosses you face in-game will be different based on the versions.

Pokémon Sun and Moon comes to 3DS on Nov. 18, though stay tuned for any new announcements before then.

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