‘Pokémon Go’ Thanksgiving Update Has Special Bonuses

Henry Gilbert
Games Pokémon
Games Pokémon

Still playing Pokémon Go? Did last month’s ghost-filled Halloween event get you back into the app? Or are you too engaged with Pokémon Sun and Moon‘s new monsters? Well, this upcoming holiday weekend in the US might have something to bring you back. Today developer Niantic announced a bountiful Pokémon Go Thanksgiving update.

pokemon go thanksgiving update

A Cornucopia of XP in Pokémon Go Thanksgiving update

Though not named after the special day, this “celebration” definitely sounds like a Pokémon Go Thanksgiving update. Starting Nov. 23 and lasting until Nov. 30, you’ll gain double XP and double the Stardust for anything you do in-game. For trainers who have stalled out at a certain level or are having trouble leveling up Pokémon, this will be a real help.

The timing covers the entire Thanksgiving break, which perhaps ties into Pokémon Go‘s stated goal of getting people more active. It’s easy to get lazy and eat leftovers while watching holiday movies on TV. But now that you know you’ll get twice as much Stardust to empower your Charizard, maybe you’ll feel like getting off the couch. Or perhaps this is just to give fans something to do while they wait in lines all day for Black Friday sales.

Pokemon Go Buddy

This event is merely the most recent way the developers have been trying to keep Pokémon Go fresh. After weeks of initial silence, Niantic has been adding new features and bonuses in the last few months. Holiday themed events seem to be a given now, and if you can find a Pokémon Go Plus accessory, it makes the app even more fun.

Ultimately, the Pokémon Go Thanksgiving update feels more like an appetizer for what’s to come. The holiday season is only beginning, so there have got to be more events planned. Then there are those wild rumors of Generation II monsters coming soon. So I don’t know about you, but I’m not uninstalling my app anytime soon.

Henry Gilbert
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