‘Pokémon GO’ – New Pokémon Are Here!

Bob Mackey

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Pokémon GO basically took over the lives of everyone with a smartphone when it launched in July. Even though it’s a little harder to find people scouring the city streets for Bulbasaurs and Charmanders these days, Niantic’s app remains incredibly popular. And, thanks to a recent tweet from the brand’s official Twitter account, we now know new Pokémon will finally be available December 12.

Though neither Niantic, Nintendo, or any official Pokémon source has revealed what, exactly, “new Pokémon” entails, many have speculated we’ll finally see Pokémon from the second generation of games (Gold and Silver). The only downside comes from the fact that the cold winter weather across most of the country may have people less inclined to get out and go Pokémon hunting. Still, a substantial update like this means a lot to Pokémon GO addicts, and we’ll likely see more new content as long as the app remains popular.

Bob Mackey
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