‘Pokémon Go’ Halloween Event Begins Today

Henry Gilbert
Games Pokémon
Games Pokémon

Gamers have a lot to enjoy during this spooky time of year. Beyond the usual things like free candy and scary costume, many major titles are releasing special Halloween-related updates. Hot on the heels of Overwatch‘s “Junkenstein’s Revenge,” we get news of another major event. From Oct. 26 to Nov. 1, the Pokémon Go Halloween event will fill the world with more candy and ghosts than ever before.

The Pokémon Go Halloween update is now live, with lots of ghostly thrills for longtime Pokémon fans. As Pokémon Go players will attest, finding Ghost-Type Pokémon can be a real pain. That should hopefully change this week as the ghosts have busted loose. More Gengars, Haunters, Ghastlys, Zubats, Golbats, Drowzees, and Hypnos, will be in the wild. Maybe I’ll finally get the Gengar I’ve been chasing since the app’s launch in July. Though is anyone dying to find more Zubats? My town is lousy with those garbage Pokémon.

Beyond the explosion of Ghost-Type beasts, the Pokémon Go Halloween update gives good reason to start capturing every Pokémon you see. In the trick-or-treat spirit, every monster you capture will give you six candies instead of three. On top of that, any Pokémon you transfer will create two extra candies instead of just one. If you’ve got any monsters you’re dying to evolve, then this is the week to do some serious hunting.

Pokemon Go Halloween

This Pokémon Go Halloween event is the first timely update the app has seen since its launch. Perhaps this is the developers getting into the groove with updates now that the fad has died down some. Will this Halloween content get lapsed players to return to Pokémon Go? Could the app be getting other holiday events down the like? X-Mas with Pikachu? A MewTwo for New Years?

Until those get announced, just dive into the app once more and see if you can have any luck with capturing these more populous Pokémon. You’ve got until Nov. 1 before this Pokémon Go Halloween update ends, and the app goes back to normal.

Henry Gilbert
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