‘Pokémon Go’ Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Special Pikachu

Samantha Loveridge
Games Pokémon
Games Pokémon

We can’t quite believe we’re already talking about a one-year Pokémon Go anniversary event, but here we are. It seems like only yesterday that we were hearing about all the crazy stuff people were finding while playing Pokémon Go – including guns and bodies, among more harmless stuff – or being warned not to do, like play Pokémon Go while driving.

Yes, it’s now the first Pokémon Go anniversary and to celebrate developer Niantic is putting on a bit of an event. It’s smaller than anyone expected, but it’s an event nonetheless.

Until July 24, you’ll be able to catch Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum’s famous cap from the Pokémon animated series. It’s not the first time you’ll have seen Pikachu donning some fancy headgear, with the little electric mouse sporting a Santa hat at Christmas and a snazzy party hat to celebrate Pokémon‘s own anniversary last year.

Pokemon Go anniversary Pikachu ash

Along with the hat-wearing mouse, Pokémon Go will also offer a special Anniversary Box store item for a limited time that contains incubators, max revives, ultra balls and there’s also a Raid Pass discount on offer.

It’s an event, but still no Legendaries…

It’s been quite a month for Pokémon Go, with Niantic completely revamping the in-game Gyms and introducing the new co-op Raid Battles. These Gym-based events allow you to battle with friends and other trainers to battle and hopefully be in with a chance of capturing rare Pokémon.

The update brought new items with it too and a better way of storing Pokémon at Gyms, among other gameplay tweaks.

There was also a fire-themed Pokémon Summer Solstice event, which ran alongside the real-world Summer Solstice.

We’re still waiting for the big Pokémon Go update, but it looks like we’re going to be waiting a while longer.

Samantha Loveridge
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