‘Pokémon’ Film Will Probably Be Written by Awesome People

Drew Dietsch
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It’s surprising that a live-action Pokémon movie has taken this long to reach development. Granted, Nintendo has a strict policy about film adaptations thanks to the debacle that was Super Mario Bros. However, it looks like the recent zeitgeist created by Pokémon GO has kickstarted a new film. Thankfully, it sounds like the script will be in good hands.

Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch are in negotiations to write the picture. The first live-action Pokémon adventure will be based on the game Detective Pikachu. If the film involves Pikachu as a noir-ish private dick who tracks down a serial killer, it will be a gift to humanity.

Perlman was one of the co-writers on Guardians of the Galaxy a.k.a. the best MCU movie. It’s clear she has a good handle on wacky characters and imaginative worlds. Hirsch is the beloved creator of Gravity Falls, one of the absolute best cartoons of the decade. This sounds like a dream team pairing. Both writers know how to speak to a younger audience while still maintaining a sense of adult fun.

It will be interesting to see how the purposefully cartoonish designs of the Pokémon translate to a live-action movie. If they look too real, it could be a tad off-putting or even unintentionally hilarious. Plus, you have to wonder which Pokémon will be ready for their close-up. As an old timer, it’d be great to see the cast limited to the Generation I creatures. But, it’s likely that Nintendo will want to debut some new Pokémon in the film. It’s reminiscent of seeing the first glimpse of Super Mario Bros. 3 in The Wizard. Old timer, remember?

There’s definitely a sigh of relief in the works if Perlman and Hirsch get the job. (They will. This is public contract negotiating going on.) They are two talented writers, and their hiring proves that Nintendo and Legendary are taking this film seriously. We can ill afford another Double Dragon.

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