‘Pokemon Brick Bronze’ is a Free, Fan Made ‘Pokemon’ MMO

Jack DeVries
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For as long as Pokemon has been popular, fans have been creating their own custom entries into the series, sometimes with entirely new Pokemon. Over on the game platform site Roblox (ask anyone under 16, they’ll know) a few young Poke-fans have done something that players have been asking for since the birth of the series. They’ve created an actual, functional Pokemon MMO. Titled Pokemon Brick Bronze, this in progress fan game is a full on Pokemon game, with gyms, badges, battles, trading, and a plot that is actually pretty damn good.

We jumped into it to battle other Pokemaniacs online (and got our ass whooped!). Check it out.

What makes Pokemon Brick Bronze even more interesting is how Nintendo hasn’t shut it down despite its popularity. The game has over 394 million plays, and regularly sits high in the “highest earning” sort on the Roblox site (meaning it’s making the Roblox company some serious bank). Like all good Pokemon fan games we expect this one to disappear one day, so if you want to check it out while it’s around and get a taste for how a fully online Pokemon game would play out, check out the Pokemon Brick Bronze page on Roblox.

Jack DeVries
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