PlayStation NEO: Everything We Know

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Console generations aren’t the same as they were 20 or even 10 years ago. Instead of the NES being replaced by the SNES or the PS2 giving way to the PS3, we now have the Xbox One being halfway replaced by Project Scorpio. Microsoft is looking to disrupt the traditional tech cycle of game systems in 2017 and they aren’t alone. Word is the PlayStation NEO will partially supplant the PlayStation 4 as Sony‘s top console by introducing several improvements and upgrades to the system. But what do we know about the PlayStation NEO?

PlayStation NEO-4-PS4

The codename is reportedly PlayStation NEO, though others refer to it as the PS4.5 or the PS4K. Sony is prepping the system for an important unveiling, so now’s the perfect time to look back over everything we know about NEO. And a good deal of that information comes from leaks uncovered by sites like Giant Bomb and Kotaku, among many other great reporters out there. So let’s begin this rumor round-up with the biggest piece of information…

NEO Will Be More Powerful Than a PS4


The updated machine will play all PS4 titles, but it’ll have some updated insides. NEO contains a more powerful processor (2.1 GHz as opposed to the current 1.6) along with a better GPU and more RAM. According to Sony exec Andrew House, PlayStation NEO will offer something for higher-end 4K TV owners to enjoy. The results of the increased power all depend on how developers use it for future games and DLC. Some might put the work into giving games extra polish via NEO’s tech, while other publishers might think their current-gen games look great as is, or will just continue to develop for the lowest common denominator.

No NEO-Only Games (Yet)

PlayStation NEO Everything We Know

No matter how a developer uses the tech, both Sony and the leaks have been very clear that this won’t split the PS4 market with NEO-exclusive games. As House put it in the aforementioned story, “All games will support the standard PS4 and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4.” Meaning no new PS4 games are coming that will only work on NEO. Though don’t rule it out that the PlayStation NEO could become so popular that games could eventually come that only work on the machine — it just isn’t happening yet.

NEO Will Have 4K Output

PlayStation NEO Everything We Know

A big push for this updated PS4 is Sony’s overall commitment to 4K resolution. Now that most folks have moved on to HDTV, it’s time to push an even bigger upgrade with 4K resolution. The NEO will easily output that level of image quality to 4K TVs for both movies and games. That’s not to say NEO’s better tech won’t be noticeable on normal HDTVs, it’s just that NEO will have extra advantages for those who upgrade to 4K.

NEO is Made for PlayStation VR

PlayStation NEO Everything We Know

Sony’s R&D team are obviously fans of The Matrix. Not only do they use the name NEO, but PlayStation VR once went by the name Morpheus. These two pieces of hardware were meant for each other. Sony’s answer to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will work with standard PS4s, but NEO’s improved hardware will help it run even better, without the need of the “breakout box” the headset needs on a typical PS4.

NEO Isn’t The PS4 Slim

PlayStation NEO Everything We Know

Just like when Microsoft announced Project Scorpio, it looks like NEO will be accompanied by a smaller model of its predecessor. The PS4 Slim has already leaked in Europe, though Sony is still staying silent on the markedly smaller model. Just know that the rumored smaller PS4 you’re seeing isn’t NEO. The PS4 Slim should be on sale before NEO is, and we should have a more concrete timeframe soon because…

Sony Will Probably Unveil PlayStation NEO September 7

PlayStation NEO Everything We Know

Sony enjoys its September press conferences, though this year’s event is a little earlier than PlayStation’s usual Tokyo showing. In New York City at 3pm ET on Sept. 7, Sony is hosting an event they are calling “PlayStation Meeting.” There we should learn all about NEO, from price to release date, plus even more about the PlayStation 4 Slim. Unless it leaks earlier than that, of course.

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