PlayStation 4 Slim Coming September 15, $299 MSRP

Henry Gilbert
Games PlayStation
Games PlayStation

After weeks of news on the system’s existence, Sony today confirmed that the slimmer version of the PlayStation 4 exists. Not only that, but the PlayStation 4 Slim is now the official, standard version of the console that you’ll be finding in stores, replacing the current models found on shelves. The PlayStation 4 Slim will cost $299 and be in stores nationwide by September 15.

PlayStation 4 Slim Official

Original Story:

At E3 2016, Microsoft surprised gamers everywhere by announcing not one, but two new variations on its Xbox console. After the unveiling of the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio, many thought Sony would follow suit and debut its rumored system update as well, but the company held off. The theory was Sony will unveil it at a September 7, but it looks like that’s happening sooner than many expected. The PlayStation 4 Slim is now reportedly out in the wild and got some of the first ever footage of the PlayStation 4 Slim turning on [Update: The video has since been taken down].

PlayStation 4 Slim PS4 Sony image

The PlayStation 4 Slim made its first appearance online on the auction site Gumtree, though many people questioned its reality. Seen side-by-side with the first version of the PS4, the PlayStation 4 Slim has more rounded edges and appears roughly 30% smaller than its predecessor. You can make an estimate for yourself in these first images of the machine.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim eBay picture 2
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim eBay picture 3

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim eBay picture 4
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim eBay picture 6
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim eBay picture

Now, those are all great images, but Eurogamer went to the next level to confirm the system’s existence. The site sent someone to visit the person who purchased the alleged PlayStation 4 Slim to confirm its existence. And boy did they get confirmation in the above video of the console’s startup screen.

New Controller Details

PS4 Slim Dualshock 4 controller light

Since the PS4 Slim has been out in the wild, people have also taken a closer look at the DulaShock 4. According to reports and now-removed videos, the controller included with the PS4 Slim has a few changes. The plastic used on the d-pad and analogue sticks is now grey instead of black, similar to the coloring on old PlayStation models. Also, the touchpad has been altered to allow the light from the controller’s base to shine through slightly, allowing players to know what color is currently being displayed.

This leak certainly puts a damper on Sony’s big September 7 event, as the surprise reveal of the PS4 Slim was likely a major moment of the showcase. Given the retail box already put together for the system, it would seem the PlayStation 4 Slim will be on sale very soon. Perhaps even the day of the event? Or will this leak push Sony to confirm the PlayStation 4 Slim as soon as possible instead of waiting for the big day? We’ll know soon enough.

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