‘PES 2018’ is Coming Later This Year and Camp Nou Looks Amazing

Samantha Loveridge

Konami has officially confirmed that PES 2018 is coming later this year, although we’d actually be more surprised if there wasn’t going to be a Pro Evo game for 2017.

Just like its rival FIFA, there’s a new PES game every year and it looks like this one is going to be no different, with PES 2018 arriving in the autumn.

For this year,  PES 2018 is centred around the concept of ‘Where Legends Are Made’ as the game is arriving with new features, modes and what Konami is promising will be “an unparalleled game experience”. Apparently, the game has been fully revamped between editions, with a re-envisioned online co-op and a complete presentation overhaul with “lifelike player models, new menus and real player images”.

There’s even a PC version coming that’s going to offer a parallel game experience to the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

PES 2018 Camp Nou
Barcelona's Camp Nou is looking glorious in PES 2018

The gameplay changes to look out for in PES 2018 include a new online mode dedicated to 2v2 and 3v3 online co-op play, with support for local guests. There’s also Real Touch+, which is a new ball control mechanic that allows full body touch and there are new set pieces too with a new free kick and penalty kick system.

Graphics have also been revamped with Camp Nou looking particularly lovely in the first screenshots for the game. In fact, it’s one of the stadiums that Konami has recreated from over “20,000 intricate elements of genuine data”.

PES 2018 Camp Nou

You should look out for more realistic day and night lighting for stadiums, revamped player models with a hilarious attention to detail when it comes to “kit fitting and short size”. WAHEY.

There’s no official release date for PES 2018 yet, but no doubt it’ll arrive around September time as is usual with this annual release series.

Samantha Loveridge
Sam is the UK Gaming Editor at Fandom. She's been addicted to games since she first got her paws on a GameBoy and hasn't looked back.
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