‘Persona 5’ Roster – Understanding The Phantom Thieves [UPDATED]

Henry Gilbert
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Games Anime

Persona 5 is one of the hotly anticipated games of 2017. Even with multiple delays, fans have been waiting patiently for the release of the next sequel. Since we’ve got an excess of free time until the April 4 release date, now’s the perfect time to catch up with the cast of characters. Just who is in the Persona 5 roster?

Game maker Atlus USA has released multiple trailers detailing the Persona 5 roster, with more on the way. Not only do we get to meet the unnamed protagonist, but we’re also introduced to the rest of the team, including a cute cat mascot. So let’s go one by one. Oh, and if any new additions to the Persona 5 roster get announced, we’ll be sure to update this article.

The Protagonist

As is the tradition for the series, the Protagonist is the unnamed hero of the game. Just like in the previous two Persona titles, he’s a transfer student at a new school — the Shujin Academy. Though he’s known for being a troubled kid at his last school, often getting into trouble. That doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon as he channels gentleman thief Arsene Lupin when stealing hearts and battling evil throughout Tokyo.


Ann Takamaki is more than just a classmate of the hero. She’s one-quarter American and is a bit reserved in class despite her blond hair standing out. She’s an early member of the Phantom Thieves with more secrets than she lets on.


Ryuji Sakamoto is another of your first teammates. He’s a classmate of Ann and the protagonist and dresses like a bit of a delinquent. He’s the straightforward buddy of the leader and is prone to emotional outbursts.


Your team isn’t all high schoolers. Morgana is a walking talking cat. Normally taking on the appearance of a regular feline, Morgana transforms into his more animated form when going on heists. Though he looks like a cuddly kitty, Morgana prefers to taken seriously and treated like the tough cat he knows he is.


You’ll meet Yusuke Kitagawa later in the game, but let’s get to know him now. He’s a soft-spoken, cerebral artist that is attracted to the Phantom Thieves secret activities. He has a somewhat creepy exterior, but the rest of the team gets past that. Yusuke’s thief persona is patterned after Japan’s most famous ninja, Goemon.


Another of your teammates you meet later on is Makoto Niijima. She’s great at supporting the Phantom Thieves thanks to a smart and serious nature. Occasionally she reveals a personal fear of ghosts and horror films. That might be a problem for her when she’s battling real demons in Persona 5.


This is one resourceful hacker on this team of thieves. Futaba Sakura has a ton of online expertise that she uses to help their thievery. However, she first has to overcome her issues with social anxiety and depression before being a full member of the team. Maybe these outgoing high schoolers can help Futaba help herself?


Haru Okumura is a very privileged young woman, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy. Haru is a friendly and capable young woman, but she’s been sheltered all her life by an overprotective, controlling father. She joins up with the Phantom Thieves as a way of rebelling to help both herself and the world. Haru’s axe-wileding, French-themed Persona looks to be rather helpful in the battlefield.

Stay tuned, as we’ll update this when more character trailers are released.

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