‘Paragon’ Hero Guide: Tanks


Paragon, Epic Game’s new MOBA, features 18 heroes and counting. While the game is only in early access on both PC and PS4, the development team is committing to new hero releases every three weeks. Now’s a great time to familiarize yourself with the roles and heroes of Paragon. This edition of our Paragon Hero Guide takes a look at Tanks.

These are the front-line heroes of Paragon, the characters who get up in the faces of your enemies and draw their fire. Tanks aren’t meant to get all the kills or even survive every fight (you hope). Rather, they’re meant to disrupt your opponents, smash squishies, and peel. Here is a breakdown on Paragon‘s current roster of Tanks. If you’re looking for Riktor, he’s not actually a Tank, so you’ll find him on our Support guide.


If you really want to ruin someone’s day, try playing Sevarog. This Tank/Jungler has a kit full of crowd control and displacement abilities, letting you control and disrupt positioning during a team fight. Sevarog’s Subjugate ability calls down dark energy in an area, damaging, rooting and slowing enemies in an area. Coupled with Phantom Rush, a dash maneuver that lets him glide through enemy minions, Sevarog can quickly get onto vulnerable targets and lock them in place for his teammates to attack. While this can put him deep into enemy lines, Sevarog’s Siphon ability allows him to stack health as the game progresses, making him a formidable late-game opponent.

Sevarog’s ultimate, Colossal Blow, knocks back enemy heroes with a powerful swing. Initiate a fight by Phantom Rushing in past opponents, knock them back into your team with Colossal Blow, and lock them in place with Subjugate. Then laugh all the way to victory.

Pros: Excellent crowd control.

Cons: Weak early game before his Siphon starts to scale.


Steel actually plays a lot like Sevarog. Steel’s Charge ability lets him dash into battle, knocking aside opponents, allowing him to get into and out of battle easily. His ultimate, Shield Slam, is also a great initiation tool, letting him leap into the air and slam down on opponents, knocking them up into the air and applying a short stun. However, unlike Sevarog, Steel can also play a support role and protect his teammates. His Shield Block lets him stand in front of his teammates and reduce incoming damage. For larger team fights, Steel erects a massive Force Shield, blocking all enemy projectiles and slowing enemies who walk through the wall. Steel is the perfect example of a support tank.

Pros: Easily peels enemies away from your squishy damage dealers.

Cons: Low damage output means he’s useless without a coordinate team.


Rampage is the Hulk of the Paragon universe. The massive sea-creature excels in the jungle, where he receives increased health regeneration thanks to his King of the Jungle passive. He can use Pounce to leap onto enemies to initiate ganks, locking them down with a two-second stun from his Boulder Throw. Rampage really shines in extended team fights when he can trigger his ultimate, Enraged, which turns him into a massive brute with increased health regeneration and a long-distance Pounce. In that way, he’s not unlike League of LegendsGnar. If you want to get right up into the thick of it, Rampage is the hero for you.

Pros: Excellent play maker.

Cons: Vulnerable when not enraged, so enemies will try to force you to use it early.

For more information on Paragon‘s many heroes, check out our Paragon Hero Guide for Support characters.

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