‘Paragon’ Hero Guide: Rangers


Paragon, Epic Game’s new MOBA, features 18 heroes and counting. While the game is only in early access on both PC and PS4, the development team is committing to new hero releases every three weeks. Now’s a great time to familiarize yourself with the roles and heroes of Paragon. This edition of our Paragon Hero Guide takes a look at Rangers.

Rangers are long-distance heroes who excel at melting down targets from afar with consistent damage or control the battlefield from a far. If you like to hang back and pick away at the enemy team, consider playing one of these rangers.


An imp-like creature controlling a devastating war machine, Grim.exe is a great ranger if you’re looking to isolate a target and burst them down. His Pulse Canon basic attack does decent damage from a distance, and his Deflector Shield erects a wall that blocks the next enemy ability, letting him stay in battle longer. His Displacement Blast deals ranged damage in an area and knock away nearby opponents. This displacement ability lets Grime.exe separate targets from the rest of their team. Follow it up with Supression Mode and all of Grime.exe’s attacks apply a massive slow, locking down the target even more.

This aptly named Ultimate, G.T.F.O., locks onto an enemy hero and fires a homing death-orb that deals massive damage, perfect for securing the kill or taking out weak targets from a surprise attack.

Pros: Big burst damage with his Ultimate and able to kite away easily from opponents.

Cons: Deals less sustained damage than the others rangers on this list.


Murdock is a high-damage output ranger with amazing range. His ability Move Along displaces enemies, much like Grime.exe’s ability, but is generally used more defensively. Buckshot fires a cone of damage, shredding armor and is great against tanks who wander too close. Murdock can also use Static Trap to lay down a small trap that deals damage and slows the first enemy moving through it. Skilled players can corral their opponents into their line of fire.

Murdock’s most powerful ability is Long Arm of the Law, a long-range Ultimate that fires a massive laser an insane distance across the battlefield. Somewhat similar to the Lux laser from League of Legends, Murdock can use this to snag kills or support his team even when he’s far away from the battle.

Pros: Near-global presence with his Ultimate.

Cons: Very little escape.


Sparrow is the classic ranged carry common in MOBAs. She even uses a bow and arrows because, y’know, that makes sense. Her Piercing Shot is a charge attack that deals damage in a line up to 2,500 units away. When timed right, Piercing Shot can hit multiple opponents at the same time and poke from incredible range. Hail of Arrows fires a volley of arrows in an area, hitting everyone in the area. Sparrows also has a passive ability, Relentless, that increases damage done to single-targets with each successive hit. Over prolonged fights, few heroes do as much sustained damage as Sparrow. Inner Fire, her Ultimate, causes each arrow shot for 10 seconds to fire two additional arrows that move to the side. This also stacks with Relentless, letting her built up damage against multiple opponents at once.

Pros: Amazing sustained damage.

Cons: No crowd control at all, so very vulnerable to ganks.


TwinBlast is a high-movement ranger that plays almost like traditional run-and-gun shooter characters. In addition to a powerful basic attack, his Nitro ability increases his attack speed for six seconds, letting him output a large burst of damage. His Grenade slows and damages enemy champions, letting him set up ganks or escape from assassins. Coupled with Rocket Dash, which sends him flying forward, catching and locking down TwinBlast is a challenge for any character. With quick movement, TwinBlast can easily get in position to use his ultimate, Barrage, which fires off a salvo of rockets that detonate in an area.

Pros: Great at skirmishing and moving in and out of combat.

Cons: High skill cap for new players and easily caught out if played too aggressively.

For more information on Paragon‘s many heroes, check out our Paragon Hero Guides for Tanks and Support characters.

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