‘Paragon’ Hero Guide: Fighters


Paragon, Epic Game’s new MOBA, features 18 heroes and counting. While the game is only in early access on both PC and PS4, the development team is committing to new hero releases every three weeks. Now’s a great time to familiarize yourself with the roles and heroes of Paragon. This edition of our Paragon Hero Guide takes a look at Fighters.

Fighters are the heroes that jump into battle and dish out big damage. They are the melee combatants who do enough damage to take out their target with enough survivability to escape a losing battle. All of these heroes do up-close damage, but they all bring their own flair and playstyle to Paragon.


The newest hero to join Paragon, Greystone brings the classic sword-and-shield combo to the battlefield. He also brings one of the most interesting ultimates to the game, but first, let’s go over his basic abilities. Like Garen from League of Legends, Greystone can “spin to win,” transforming into a whirling death machine with his Make Way ability. His Assault the Gates ability lets him leap into battle, while Stoic grants armor and health to help him survive. Greystone clearly excels at getting into a crowded team feat and damaging down all opponents.

If Greystone dies, his passive ultimate, Reforged, turns him to stone. After a few seconds, his spirit returns to his body, resulting in a knockup and damaging all nearby opponents and returning him to the land of the living with a portion of his health and mana restored. All this makes Greystone perfect for those players who want to engage quickly into prolonged team fights.

Pros: Amazing survivability for a team-fighting monster.

Cons: Vulnerable when Reforged is on cooldown. Even so, Greystone needs a nerf.


Grux is a fighter/jungler that can easily isolate opponents and gank squishy targets. His ability Double Pain cleaves enemies with his twin axes, dealing damage and applying a bleed to opponents that deals a percentage of the enemy’s health. His Charge ability lets him dash towards opponents, usually from the jungle. When his target tries to flee, Smash & Grab deals damage in a cone and pulls all enemy units to Grux for another round of walloping. Couple Smash & Grab with his Ultimate, Warlord’s Challenge, to stun all pulled targets and give them a nasty bleed.

Pros: Excellent skirmisher who can take out squishy targets.

Cons: Useless when kept at bay with walls and displacements.


Like Grux, Khaimera is great at leaping onto single targets and bursting them down. His amazing Ambush ability sends Khaimera leaping into the air and onto an opponent, dealing damage in an area and briefly stunning his target. This stun lets his teammates follow up with their own brutal initiations. His Unleash ability increases his attack speed, sending him into a fury not unlike League of LegendsOlaf. His next ability, Spirit Regeneration, keeps Khaimera alive by granting a huge health regen boost for five seconds when he lands basic attacks, increasing with each successive blow. His Ultimate, Cull, roots a single hero and slows nearby enemies.

As you can tell, Khaimera is proficient at starting a team fight and locking down opponents.

Pros: Excellent play maker.

Cons: Has no escape and is vulnerable against ranged casters with crowd control to kite away from him.

Feng Mao

A melee fighter with a sweet pipe, Feng Mao is well built to take out some of the other fighters on this list. Feng Mao also deals sizable AoE damage, helping him push lanes and play a significant strategic role. His ability Conversion Shield also lets Mao block a decent amount of incoming damage. His Ultimate, Earth Shatter, grants him a big shield while also dealing massive damage in a line in front of him. Reaping Dash lets Mao teleport into enemy heroes, initiating a fight and slowing opponents with Hamstring. If he can chain all of his abilities quickly, Feng Mao can drop a hero like Khaimera before they can heal up or escape.

Pros: Great at exploding enemy damage dealers.

Cons: Like the other fighters on this list, Feng Mao is susceptible to ranged crowd control from heroes like Dekker.

For more information on Paragon‘s many heroes, check out our Paragon Hero Guides for Tanks and Support characters.

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