Page 250 of ‘The Death Cure’ and the Film Adaptation

Kitty Bates

The film based on James Dashner’s The Death Cure tentatively is scheduled to out on February 17th, 2017. Of course, the injuries sustained by star Dylan O’Brien could affect that. The film is not being split into two as originally rumored but is instead staying as one and with Wes Ball signed up to direct it looks to be an amazing finale to what has so far been a pretty rewarding adaptation of the popular book series. At the end of the last film,

At the end of the last film, Minho is captured by WICKED and Thomas vows to find him and kill Ava Paige, CEO of WCKD. I’m just going to go over what I hope and also what I predict will happen in the film, so there may be some spoilers.


You’ve been warned.

In the books, Ava Paige actually turns out to be less of a villain than expected and she helps Thomas to escape to Paradise so the hope is that she will stay that way in the film and just before he pulls the trigger to shoot her, she’ll explain why she did what she did. In the films, Ava seems to be trying to promote peace but we cannot really tell for sure. From Thomas’s reaction to her ‘death’ in the first film, they seem to be close which hopefully gives us a scene with them having a meaty conversation and providing some closure.

Page 250 is the most infamous page of a book I have ever read. It is not spoken about in most fan circles due to the spoiler nature of what occurs on the page and one has to wonder whether Wes Ball intends on keeping that scene intact in the film. The Death Cure wouldn’t be The Death Cure without that page but many a film has veered from its source material to great effect in the past, so there’s always the possibility it can change.  If the scene is intact verbatim from the book it’ll certainly cause more than a few tears in the audience. James Dashner recently said in an interview that film would be “sad, very sad” as he was signing page 250 for a fan so that certainly seems to suggest that a beloved character’s fateful end is in the cards.

It’s one of those things the fans have to see in the film but one they secretly wish couldn’t and wouldn’t. That’s a testament to how much audiences love the character who doesn’t get to see page 251.

Onto happier things, Will Poulter teased he was going to be in it in an interview with MTV so hopefully, we’ll have a lot of crazy eyebrow dude again. If they follow the books he’ll be a part of the right arm in Denver. He’s one of the actors from the series who has been building an impressive resume. He was in the The Revenant recently and if he does ultimately play Pennywise in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s It, he’ll be one of the more sought-after young actors out there. He’s certainly been an integral part of this series.

Once the film goes back into production we’ll start to get more information but one thing is certain, the events of page 250 will be the thing the fans are most nervous and excited about.

Kitty Bates
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