‘Overwatch’ Winter Wonderland Event is Now Live!

Overwatch will likely be on many Game of the Year lists for 2016, and it’s still staying relevant. Hot off the heels of Sombra joining the game and a special Halloween Terror event, some new seasonal updates are coming. Take your first look at the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event in the new trailer.

Walking (And Shooting) In A Winter Wonderland

Like Halloween Terror before it, the timed Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is full of unlockable seasonal goodies. From now until January 2, you'll unlock Winter Loot Boxes in-game. You'll be assured at least one holiday-themed goodie per box from an extensive collection of new skins, emotes, sprays, victory poses, highlight intros, player icons, and voice lines. You can get a taste of them in the trailer, but take a closer look at all the Santa-fied outfits all the Overwatch roster can dress up in. Aren't they simply lovely?

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event

Who's your favorite of the group? I've got to say I'm partial to Roadhog's Rudolph belly button. Whatever you unlock during the weeks-long event, it'll be available to you year-round. Also, if you can't get the skin you want in the random Winter Loot Boxes, you can always purchase it with in-game currency.

Mei, in particular, seems to be taken with the holiday spirit. The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event also has the new brawl to the game: Mei’s Snowball Offensive. The 6v6 frozen battle is single-elimination snowball fight where each player is equipped with a single snowball attack. All attacks are one-hit kills, but if you miss, you need to run to a nearby snowbank and restock your winter weapon.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event

What a beautiful sight the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is. Are you happy tonight and ready to play? Just don't pretend to be Parson Brown. I don't think Genji would appreciate that subterfuge.

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