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Bob Mackey
Games Overwatch
Games Overwatch

Editor’s note: Blizzard has revealed Overwatch’s new character to be Orisa, a robot in the tank role. Head on over to this page to read more on what we know do far.

We’re nearly 10 months away from Overwatch’s release, and it’s still the gift that keeps on giving. Every few months, Blizzard gives players new maps, events, and unlockable skins, but the most substantial Overwatch additions have taken the form of post-launch characters Ana and Sombra. And while we’re only a handful of months away from the latter’s debut, Blizzard has already started teasing what could be the next addition to Overwatch’s roster.

The Evidence for Overwatch’s New Character

Early concept art for Overwatch.

Earlier this week, Blizzard posted an “interview” with Efi Oladele, an inventor within Overwatch’s world. It’s not very long, but this piece does reveal two interesting bits of information about Efi: she builds drones, and she’s using the money earned from a “genius grant” to travel… somewhere.

While many assumed Efi would be the next playable hero for Overwatch—as odd as it would be to throw a child into the mix—Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan clarified her role in an interview with Polygon. According to Kaplan, Efi will take part in the yet-to-be-revealed character’s story, but she won’t be playable herself.

Spider-Mech, Spider-Mech

Until recently, Overwatch fans looking into this mystery walked away confident that the new character would definitely have something to do with the spider-mech seen in concept art, gameplay mockups, and trailers—but yet to be seen in the game itself. During a talk at the D.I.C.E conference, however, Kaplan shot this theory down, destroying the work of obsessive Redditors in the process.

During his presentation, Kaplan displayed a mockup of Overwatch’s gameplay—with the infamous spider mech present in the center—and spoke about how much this single image informed the actual game. “And I need to say this for our subreddit so it doesn’t implode,” he added. “Know the hero in the center is not the hero you think it is. Thank you for putting up with that.”

The Plot Thickens

Blizzard dropped more hints about their upcoming character, this time into Overwatch itself. If you visit the public test realm of the Numbani map, you might notice a few changes. For one, you can see the resulting collateral damage from an in-universe news story the official Overwatch Twitter account tweeted:

And dropping into this public test realm version of Numbani also reveals the Doomfist—once carried by that level’s payload—has apparently been taken by force.

Image Credit: Gamespot

Numbani holds one more change, one not quite as drastic as those featured above. According to PVP Live, the arrival board within the map’s waiting room has been updated with entirely new information. The new dates and locations don’t mean much at first glance, but it’s important to note two new locations have been added: Singapore and Taipei. These additions could indicate new maps are on the way, or something about the upcoming character. At this stage, though, it’s hard to tell much from Blizzard’s cryptic clues.

Update: A Telling Tweet

The official Overwatch Twitter account recently tweeted a shopping list of sorts, written by newly introduced character Efi Oladele. It goes without saying this tweet was totally meant to tease Overwatch’s next hero:

This tweet doesn’t give us a lot of information to go on, but luckily, the YouTube channel Arekkz Gaming put together a comprehensive video that does a great job of analyzing every possible scrap of information.

So Who Could this New Hero Be?

Blizzard is definitely gearing up to drop something big into our laps, but for now, all we have are a collection of hints that don’t point in any definitive direction. With any luck, we’ll have a bit more to sink our teeth into within the next week—or even a formal announcement. In any case, be sure to check back with Fandom as we learn more about the next character in Overwatch’s lineup.

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