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‘Overwatch’ Halloween Terror Events/Skins Now Available

It’s that spooky time of the year when people dress up and put up scary decorations. It’s also a time for gorging on treats and Blizzard has a big one today for Overwatch fans. Starting today and running until Nov. 1, it’s time for Overwatch Halloween Terror! Take a look at this trailer.

Junkenstein's Revenge Leads the Way

The Overwatch Halloween content arrives in a similar sized package to the Summer Games pack a few months ago. You can earn new Epic and Legendary skins, victory poses, sprays, emotes, and highlight intros. There are over 100 new Halloween-themed items coming via loot boxes.

But the most substantial part is likely the new PvE mode titled Junkenstein's Revenge. The four player co-op mode will pit foursomes of players against waves of undead-ish enemies called Zomnics. In the mode, you can only play as spooky versions of Hanzo, Soldier:76, McCree, and Ana. Those four will then battle Halloween versions of Reaper, Mercy, Roadhog, and Junkenstein (aka Junkrat). Take a closer look at some of the Halloween personas.


Overwatch Halloween Mercy


Worldwide Spooky Fun

With so many new extras to unlock in the game, some fans will be happy to know that some of these Overwatch Halloween items are purchasable. Unlike in Summer Games, you can buy Halloween Terror items (save the player icons) with cash. You don't have to keep waiting around for just the right emote to appear in a loot crate -- if you've got the money that is.

By the way, Blizzard proudly announced today just how many players will potentially be playing Overwatch Halloween Terror. Blizzard announced that over 20 million players have played Overwatch internationally, split pretty evenly between western and eastern players. As one industry analyst said, Blizzard seems to have succeeded in creating another huge franchise.

Again, Overwatch Halloween Terror is now live in the game. It'll end on Nov. 1, so start playing to get as much out of the scary fun as possible.

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Henry Gilbert
Henry Gilbert

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