‘Overwatch’ Actually References Tracer’s Girlfriend In-Game Now

Samantha Loveridge
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Games Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment announced via the Overwatch comics that one of its most popular characters, Tracer, is gay. Up until now, the fact Tracer’s girlfriend exists has been confined to material outside of the main game, but that just changed.

The latest update to the Overwatch PTR (Public Test Region) for the new Horizon Lunar Colony map has added in a new dialogue line that directly references Tracer’girlfriendnd Emily within the game itself, delighting Tracer fans everywhere. The line in question was spotted by Tumblr user Arya and spotted by Mic.

You can give it a listen below, although her horrific English accent sounds even worse in isolation that it does in-game.


If you can’t hear it for any reason, it says:

“Wonder if I have time to visit Emily? No, better stay focused.”

The line is currently limited to those accessing the game through the PTR, but no doubt will be part of the main game soon.

overwatch tracer's girlfriend

The unveiling of Tracer’s girlfriend and her sexuality were revealed in the form of a Christmas comic. Tracer was seen celebrating Christmas and surprised her girlfriend Emily with a scarf. The thanks she received came in the form of a passionate kiss, which definitely sealed the deal when it came to the confirmation of Tracer’s girlfriend.

The revelation was a massive deal for the Overwatch and LGBTQ community, especially due to Tracer’s popularity and visibility not only in the game itself but also its marketing as she’s the cover star.

“As in real life, having variety in our characters and their identities and backgrounds helps create a richer and overall fictional universe,” said Blizzard Entertainment in a statement at the time. “From the beginning, we’ve wanted the universe of Overwatch to feel welcoming and inclusive, and to reflect the diversity of our players around the world.”

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