Overachiever: The Best Game Achievements and Trophies of June


Achievements. Trophies. This digital currency has no real-world value, yet it’s the hard-earned payment for gamers willing to put in the time and effort to explore every facet of their favorite games. Achievements don’t always have to be difficult, however. Sometimes they can be funny, clever, or make you play a game in an all new way. In our monthly Overachiever feature, we comb through the game releases that month and find the achievements you won’t want to miss.

Our June list includes a nod to the godfather of gaming, a jab at the aim-impaired baddies of the Star Wars universe, a way to prove your might, and a reference almost as dark as the game it is from.

This Achievement Is Not to Be Missed

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

“Stormtrooper Syndrome”
Description: Miss your target 10 times in a blaster battle.

Poor Stormtroopers. They can’t even catch a break in video games, where their aim is just as bad as in the movies. Regardless of whether you choose to shoot first as Han or not, all you have to do to earn this achievement is miss. A lot.

It’s-A Mario Reference

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

“Hey, it’s-a-me again!”
Description: Perform a highground attack as a finishing move.

In a callback to a similar achievement from the first Mirror’s Edge, the developers at DICE once again pay tribute to gaming’s original platforming freerunner, Mario, in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. This achievement is awarded when you take out on enemy by jumping on them.

Not for the Weak of Heart


Mighty No. 9

“I’ll See You in Xel”
Description: Beat the final boss with zero lives remaining and low health.

Look, Mighty No. 9 may not have been all that we had hoped it would be, but that doesn’t mean the game doesn’t have its share of exhilarating and challenging moments that remind us of its Mega Man roots. Case in point: This achievement where you have to get by the final boss on low health without the safety net of any extra lives.

That’s Just Dark


“Wee Wee Wee”
Description: They never made it to market.

I guess now we know what happened to the little piggies after they went all the way home. This achievement is unlocked by finding one of Inside‘s many secrets, and is a reference to the unusual path you must take to do so.

Found any clever achievements this month that we missed? Let us know @getfandom.

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