‘Outcast’ Episode Two Recap and Reaction


This post contains spoilers

The second episode of Outcast took a slower place than the show’s pilot.  The episode had its creepy moments but most importantly, it was filled with emotion.

While sharing the title with the third issue of the Outcast comics, it followed a few plots of the second issue, while adding their own stories.  Chief Giles and Officer Holt were given their own plot as did Reverend Anderson, who began to build an “army” consisting of his parishioners.  Megan also had attended the birthday party of Kyle’s daughter, Amber. While reluctant to deliver Kyle’s present to her due to the restraining order, Megan decided she had to after learning her daughter was upset that Kyle had to leave.  After learning Amber loved the gift, Megan left a message for Kyle, telling her she loved it.  This left a smile on Kyle’s face, as it probably did with the audience.

The most important story they’ve added was Kyle kidnapping his own mother.  After learning she was poorly taken care of by her nursing home, Kyle decided he would do a better job.  After insisting the nurse at the front desk to improve his mother’s care, Kyle was denied.  Fed up, Kyle took his mother and brought her back to their home.  Kyle had tried to feed her with mashed up fruits but even then struggled.  Eventually, Reverend Anderson discovered Kyle’s actions and told him that while he understood why he took her, Anderson told Kyle he couldn’t keep her.  From that moment, Kyle told Anderson he believed his mother was still possessed as he never recalled the demon leaving her as it did with Joshua.  Kyle Barnes tried everything that worked before, from exposing her to light, to dripping his blood on her.  From there, Kyle realized there was nothing he could do, though was left upset as those methods had previously worked.  Throughout the exorcism, they presented it impeccably well by flashing back to Kyle exorcising his mother as a child back to the present day exorcism.  Using such methods on TV may be rather cliche, but they are always done at the perfect moments.

In the main flashbacks, we learned that Sarah was once playful with her child.  We suddenly see her collapse in their backyard and began digging up mud.  From there, it was painful to watch a young Kyle having to deal with his mother’s sudden change.  Kyle grew up hating his mother, not losing a minute of sleep over what he had done to her.

Sarah sheds a tear

What really tore hearts apart was in the final moments of the episode.  In the conclusion, a mysterious man (who was seen throughout the episode) approached her at the nursing home.  There, the man told Sarah that Kyle would never know how hard she fought to resist the demon.  As Sidney left, Sarah shed a tear.  From there, they delivered a different perspective of Sarah’s exorcism.  The episode closed as the demon is shown to leave Sarah and proceeded to wrap itself around a young Kyle’s neck, hanging him on the ceiling.  Kyle collapsed and the credits rolled as Reverend Anderson knocked on their door, calling their names.

While Sidney’s introduction was brief, they left him as a great mysterious figure.  Brent Spiner already proved himself to be great in the role.  If they stay true to the comics, it won’t be long until Sidney’s identity is revealed.

The acting throughout was spectacular as it was in the premiere.  Once again, Patrick Fugit proved he was the perfect candidate to play Kyle.  While this episode may have been slower than the premiere, it shed more light on Kyle’s past.  More on his past is yet to be seen for TV viewers, such as Kyle’s past with Allison.  Regardless, they can only move forward from here and we can all be excited for what’s next.

For more information on Outcast, check out the Outcast Wiki, home to articles regarding both the comics and the television series.

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