‘Outcast’ Episode Three Recap and Reaction


This post contains spoilers

Last week’s episode of Outcast took a slower pace to make room for insight on Kyle’s origin. In this week’s episode of Outcast, the pace accelerated. The episode shares a title with the fifteenth issue of the Outcast comics while sharing the plot of the fourth and fifth issue. Oddly enough, the following episode shares a title with the fifth issue, so perhaps this week’s title should’ve been titled “A Wrath Unseen”?

This episode explored the story of Luke Masters and Blake Morrow. The two were detectives who served as partners. Blake infatuated Luke’s wife, and once possessed, he took action on his infatuations, killing her in the process. Blake was arrested and found guilty for killing Luke’s wife. This lead to Luke Masters turning to Kyle, previously hearing Kyle had saved Joshua from demonic possession.

When Kyle and Anderson arrived, the latter believed Blake was simply crazy but Kyle made Blake show his true colors.  Blake then teased Kyle for losing everything and made an attempt to con Kyle, telling him he could make it all stop.  When Anderson asked Kyle for assistance to exorcise Blake, Kyle stormed off, believing Blake should be left to rot.  When Anderson made a solo attempt an exorcism, Blake managed to remove a hand from his cuffs and held Anderson, threatening to kill him. Anderson freed himself and Kyle made a violent exorcism attempt. For a brief second, Kyle’s exorcism seemed to work but Blake simply begged Kyle for more.


Lee Tergesen’s performance throughout was phenomenal. Tergesen perfected a psychotic laugh and a psycho overall, easily giving the audience an impression that he was playing the Joker.  The comic has yet to return to his story but hopefully, the show isn’t done with Blake just yet.  With Tergesen’s performance and the intriguing story, fans would surely want more.

In one of the side plots, the series began diving into Megan Holter‘s past. When she recognized a man in town named Donnie, she followed him back to his hotel. Once the maid left Donnie’s room, Megan snuck in and saw that Donnie was looking her up Facebook, leaving her terrified.  Fans of the comic know why Megan was terrified and surely a few fans of the show can take a hint to what had happened.  However, this diverted from the comics.  In the comics, Mark discovered Donnie had returned to town prior to Megan.  With Mark’s side story, they likely had to make this shift.

Mark continued the investigation of the camp set up in the woods, despite Giles insisting he should drop the case. Once he collected evidence, he was left upset after Giles decided to take care of it.

The show seems to be adding more focus to Anderson’s son.  In the comics, Anderson regrets having to leave his son, though it appears there will be more focus on his past, as do the other characters.  The significance was shown when a photo of his son flew out his window.  Anderson searched for the photo but Kyle had him continue driving to the prison to visit Blake.  At night, despite the pouring rain, Anderson continued searching for his son’s photo but eventually gave up.

The episode concluded with Kyle paying a visit to his neighbor, Norville. This scene diverted from the comics significantly. In the comics, Kyle came knocking on Norville’s door, only for Sidney to answer the door. From there, Kyle was told that Norville passed away. In the show, Kyle is aware that Norville was murdered, or had commit suicide.

Thus far, the changes have been working great. While following its own direction, the show remains faithful as the writers said it would. With comics only having so much they can cover per issue, the show is given the time to explore more on each character. This allows for the comic to remain ahead without forcing filler episodes for Cinemax’s adaption.

For more information on Outcast, check out the Outcast Wiki, home to articles regarding both the comics and the television series.

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